Muselmaniacs Adding Insults to Mass-Murder

Muslims Kill Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists, Name Them Islamophobes of the Year

By Daniel Greenfield

Adding insult and to mass-murder: If the advocates of Islam had their way, all Islamophobe awards would be posthumous.

Murdered Charlie Hebdo Staff Named ‘International Islamophobe Of The Year’

Charlie Hebdo has been named 2015 International Islamophobe of the year, despite many of its staff having been killed by Jihadists in January. The annual ‘award’ was given by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a British group that claims to campaign against terrorism.

According to the Muslim website 5Pillars the award was given to Charlie Hebdo because of its “continual stoking of Islamophobic sentiment by caricaturing Muslims as terrorists and ridiculing their beliefs.”–Breitbart

Staff at Charlie Hebdo were unable to accept the award as many of them had been murdered for mocking Mohammed. Their offices were attacked on 7th January, when two gunmen called individuals out of the morning editorial conference to be executed. This included 47-year-old Stéphane Charbonnier aka Charb, pictured.

The terrorists shouted “the Prophet is avenged” and “we killed Charlie”, in reference to their aim of avenging the same religious insults the Islamophobe award was given for.

… and then we smeared him.

Accusations of Islamophobia and assassinations are both attempts at silencing critics of Islam. The former has the support of the left. The latter, mostly, does not.

Both are ways of clearing out the opposition for Islamic Supremacist rule.

Western media and propaganda to blame for westerners fighting for Islamic State, says Muslim leader

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They take the western media and they blame them a lot and it makes them turn away from Australia and Australian culture. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people go over there,” said Abu Zaid, a committee member at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre, where Mr Bilardi sometimes went to hear lectures. …

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