Soddy Barbaria ‘Donates’ a Million $$$ to Ahmed Fahur’s Da’wa Museum

Ahmed Fahur’s dubious career gets another shot in the arm from the usual suspects. After cranking up sharia banking while being CEO of the NAB, Ahmed is presently shaking down Australia Post, all the while doing his Islamic duty by doing what any good muselmanic agitprop would do:
islamic museum.jpg

ROBUST CONTRIBUTION: Saudi Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Saleh, center, presents a check for $1 million to the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Joseph in Melbourne on Saturday. Islamic Museum President Ahmed Fahour is seen at left. (SPA)

The center will provide educational and cross-cultural instruction and showcase the artistic and cultural heritage of Muslims in Australia and in Muslim societies everywhere. It aims to foster community harmony and facilitate an understanding of the values and contributions of Muslims to Australian society.

Do your own translation of this crap. I’m fed up!