The despicable Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘my best friends are Jewish’

How’s this for a warped perspective? “Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a columnist for The Independent, has much a long history when it comes to poisonous diatribes against Israel and Jews who support the state. She regularly describes Israel as a ‘racist’ and ‘apartheid’ state yet claims that some of her best friends are Jewish.

Her latest screed continues in this vein with some particularly disturbing comments even by her low standards. Chief among these is this statement:

‘Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous.'”

From the BBC:

The talentless, overpaid, man hating, anti white Yasmin Alibhai-Brown got a  Birmingham Conservative  arrested for sending a tweet about this  Bitch.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


UK Columnist: ‘Israel Now More Wicked and Dangerous Than Hamas’
The Independent’s Yasmin Alibhai-Brown claims that Israel is “now more wicked and dangerous than Hamas” and praises anti-Zionist Jews who demonize Israel.–HONESTREPORTING.COM
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