The Hostility of the Muslim POTUS

NSA Removes Iran and Hezbollah From Terror Threat List
This comes amid marathon nuclear talks, shared interests vis-a-vis the Islamic State… ISRAELVIDEONETWORK.COM

White House: Netanyahu’s rhetoric “undermines…democratic ideals”

There have been several Muslim members of the Knesset who have openly declared their support for the “Palestinian” jihad and hope that Israel will ultimately be destroyed. The kneejerk assumption that the overwhelming majority of Israeli Muslim citizens have the best interests of the State of Israel in mind, and are voting for its defense and preservation, is just Leftist fantasy. And Leftist fantasy is the basis of all Obama Administration policy.

Obamster White House Celebrates Nowruz, the Iranian holiday celebrating the first day of spring.

The Obama regime is constantly dodging accusations of being Muslim or favouring Muslims….


 “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”–Hussein Obama 

Obama’s Jihad: Threatens Sanctions Against Israel, Makes Excuses for Iran

Pamela Geller

Obama’s unhinged obsession with the Jews is bordering on mental illness. The world is in chaos. Whole swaths of the Middle East and Africa are embroiled in jihadi wars, the human toll of which is unfathomable, and Obama is hellbent on the tiny Jewish state surrendering to that vicious antisemitic imperialism. It’s shocking and genocidal.

Obama is putting the screws to Israel. Think about that. Is that really the best move in America’s best interests?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration paid 490 million dollars this week to Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, and will give them a total of $11.9 billion by the end of June. (Pamela Geller has more)