‘We all want an Islamic state’ …

“All Islamic movements around the world want an Islamic State,”

‘We all want an Islamic state’ … Abu Sulayman Muhajir Source: SBS

AUSTRALIA’S highest ranking member of al-Qaeda has spoken about the trend of young Australians travelling to Syria to fight and the unrest between competing terror regimes and Islamic State.

Abu Sulayman Muhajir, a former Sydney preacher, has been in Syria for at least two years, risen through the ranks of al-Qaeda’s Syrian arm Jabhat al-Nusra to become a leading figure, and made it to Western intelligence agencies most-wanted list.

…the IS group have defined themselves as the exclusive bearers of Islam, delegitimising the rest of the Muslim community.”

Like Islamic State, Egyptian-born Muhajir says the group he is fighting for wants Western countries to “stop interfering” with their cause.

“The choice is simple,” he says.

“Leave our lands, stop interfering in our affairs or face perpetual war.”

Why are we knowingly importing tensions? How is this in the national interest?

Andrew Bolt:

FEARS of tensions erupting in Melbourne’s northern suburbs between long-term residents and new migrants have prompted the Victorian Government to commit tens of thousands of dollars to promote calm.

Australian cash flows to Islamic State supporters in Indonesia

Indonesia’s illegal funds tracking agency has detected money flowing from Australia to local groups supporting Islamic State.

The amounts total “up to hundreds of thousands of dollars”, according to Agus Santoso, deputy chairman of PPTAK, the Financial Transactions Reports and Analysis Centre.

Not to worry, they’re working on it:

President Joko Widodo, currently visiting Japan and China, said in an interview that a new presidential decree banning Islamic State activities was “still in the process”