When Muselmanic Savages Pretend to be Victims…

…you just go to the archives and you’ll be surprised to see what you can find:


Earlier this month, Mr Hussen blamed police for placing a ‘heavy burden’ on his daughter by handing her the letter about their inquiry – and the police apologised.

Yesterday, a Government report on foreign fighters was released containing testimony from Mr Hussen.

Hannah Stuart, domestic extremism expert at the Henry Jackson Society, said:

‘We saw Mr Hussen on TV looking very innocent, holding a teddy bear. But he was linked with individuals who espouse an extremist ideology.

‘The impression given was that Islamic extremism was an alien world to his daughter – this footage suggests it wasn’t.’


Father Of Chav Sharmuta Who Ran Off To Join ISIS Not Quite As Nice As He’s Making Out

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

…As the remainder of the flag burns on the ground, Mr Hussen chants ‘Allahu Akbar’.


…Mr Hussen – the father of one of the three schoolgirls who fled Britain to join Islamic State – then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag on the floor and begins to chant and gesture toward it. (Blazing Cat Fur)

It is also worth noting that Tasnime Akunjee, the family’s lawyer, and the source of the whole “blame the police, nothing to do with us guv!” act is himself linked to the jihadist support group, CAGE.

I believe, also, that the family attended the extremist-linked East London Mosque: which for years paraded Islamist hate preacher after hate preacher in front of its congregation.

Sara Khan says – correctly in my view – that these girls were in effect “groomed” rather than recruited by ISIS. I think that those grooming her included her own father. (Lucy @ Harry’s)

Tunisia kills ‘suspected architect’ of museum attack

“Leader of Uqba Ibn Nafi Brigades militant group Khaled al-Shayeb, also known as Luqman Abu Sakhr, was killed in a security operation in Gafsa,” the source, requesting anonymity, told.

Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said on Facebook earlier that eight “terrorists” were killed in a major counterterrorism operation in Gafsa.

Tunisian security forces have killed a senior Algerian suspected who they accuse of helping orchestrate the Bardo museum attack which targeted foreign tourists, Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid said on Sunday.

Montreal/Canuckistan: Islamic Headchoppers Welcome; Christians are “Extremists”


“Among (PEGIDA’s) followers, there are fundamentalist Christians and members of Canada’s National Front, a movement clearly against immigration and fiercely anti-Islam,” David wrote. “We believe that the vast majority of Quebecers categorically reject such extremism.”

PEGIDA Quebec’s administrators responded to the criticism on the Facebook page Wednesday, writing that “if PEGIDA Quebec bothers the National Assembly, it’s because we’ve struck the heart of the problem.”