Dumbing Down: Socialist Rabble Under False Flag

They know they can’t pull it off with commie flags, so they tried it with Green. But Australians know that the Greens are loons, so now they  use  Aboriginal grievances to move the bleeding hearts:

Andrew Bolt

How else would such people use force if given power?

Blocking traffic? Holding up commuters just trying to get home? This was a protest not to persuade but to impose – which once again underlines the dangerously totalitarian instincts of such socialist groups:

PROTESTERS have brought the city to a standstill, causing traffic and tram chaos in the CBD.

Thousands of people, some waving Socialist Alternative banners, gathered on the steps of the train station at around 4pm.

They marched through the city via Bourke St before coming to rest in Flinders St at about 5pm.

Many sat down on the road and tram tracks while several speeches were made…

Protesters chanted about Aboriginal rights and waves flags and banners…

Trams were backed up on St Kilda Road due to the protest.

Imagine what such people would feel licensed to do to you and your freedoms if given real power.

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    1. Thanks Rita.

      I don’t think many people are aware of the nefarious agenda of the Greens. They are communist blockheads and as such the sworn enemies of any free society.

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