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[‘European’ youth don’t feel at home in Europe – so they leave to hijack islam and tarnish its image]

“Experts” tell U.N. council – Feeling left out drives youth to Islamic State

By Michelle Nichols

(Reuters) – Most European youth  Mohammedan ingrates who travel to Iraq and Syria to fight with Islamic State militants do so because they do not feel at home in Europe, academics told a United Nations Security Council meeting chaired Thursday by Jordan’s 20-year-old crown prince. …

More from the academics at Reuters thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Motherly Love

 “My Boy’s A Good Boy”

Whenever a Muslim terrorist or would-be terrorist or devotee of the Islamic State is apprehended, the reaction is always the same:

For the parents, it’s always “shock” and “my boy’s a good boy.”
For the neighbors, it’s always “shock” and “he was just the nicest guy you could ever meet.”

And variants thereof.  Here.

Mama said, “They both are religious and frequently attended the mosque”. Nuf said. That’s the source of the problem, right there. One hopes that local Law Enforcement – if they haven’t done so already – will find out which mosque, exactly, these two ‘boys’ attended so dutifully, and take a pressing interest in it. I would suggest a surprise raid-and-search, with overwhelming force, taking along sniffer dogs trained in the art of detecting drugs, explosives, and…cadavers. Raid the place during morning or evening ‘prayers’, detain and strip-search *everybody* on the premises – make sure the dogs give them a going-over – and search the place from attic to basement. Army sappers to come along, with a view to identifying tunnel entrances and/ or hidden rooms and sub-basements/ false floors/ false ceilings/ hidden safes, etc. Turn it upside down and shake it – figuratively speaking – and see what falls out of the pockets. Find *anything* illegal – unregistered weapons, explosives, drugs, fake passports or other suspect documents, unexplained stashes of cash, beheading videos, rape videos, etc – on either the premises or the ‘worshippers’….shut the damn thing down and, once the evidence has all been gathered, raze it to the ground. Then let the deportations begin…  Christina McIntosh



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  1. “Experts” tell U.N. council – Feeling left out drives youth to Islamic State

    what islam Appeasing “Experts” tell their masters !!!!!

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