Hijabbery Fails to Persuade Mullahs

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has invited Iranian officials to visit Australia as soon as possible to continue discussions on asylum seekers.

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Her talks in Iran have failed to convince them to take back failed Muslim soldiers asylum seekers, although she describes the discussions as positive.

But she hopes her visit to Tehran will lead to an official agreement for cooperation on a wide range of issues.

Yesterday’s talks were the first high level official talks between Iran and Australia in 12 years.

Iran asylum seeker talks fail
Julie Bishop has invited Iranian officials to visit Australia to continue discussions on asylum seekers. (why? so they can insult us here just like they insulted her there?)

3 thoughts on “Hijabbery Fails to Persuade Mullahs”

    1. She knew that Westerners are not required to cover their heads when visiting Iran. The toe-sucking of the Mullahs was most likely suggested by her ‘advisors’ who thought it might impress the mullahs enough to take back their revolutionary guards who are lingering in our detention centres.

      Hillary Clinton (I don’t like her) and Condoleezza Rice (I do) travelled unveiled for meetings in Iran during their terms as US Secretary of State, donning the headscarf only when visiting a mosque. Unlike thousands of Iranian women, each of these Western women had a choice and chose to exercise it.

      Shrillary is beneath contempt. Condi is an affirmative action piccaninni. She is naive and incompetent She knows nothing about Islam and didn’t bother to educate herself. She also doesn’t seem to be well acquainted with the constitution. Her “disrespect for the holy Koran is not now, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States” nonsense was an appalling display of her general incomprehension.

      Western dignitaries who visit Moslem countries should not allow their hosts to drag them to mosques for Islamo-prop. We don’t drag visiting Mohammedans to cathedrals either.

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