How Doctor Tareq Kamleh became more devout

Australian Abu Yusuf is putting a taxpayer-subsidised medical degree to good use over there as part of his Medecins Sans Infideles humanitarian mission.  (Tim Blair)

He became more devout after a camping trip to please his Muslim parents. His mother, raised a Catholic, converted to Islam so she could marry his father who was Muslim.

Australian Islamic State doctor Tareq Kamleh’s sudden change after mystery trip in 2013
Australian Jihadist doctor Tareq Kamleh morphed suddenly from a partying “playboy” doctor to a strict Muslim after a mysterious camping trip, former…  SMH.COM.AU
PHOTO: First ‘Official’ Birth Certificate For ISIS
A new photograph of a newborn alongside the purported first official “birth certificate” for the Islamic State shows the infant next to a handgun and a grenade.–HEAVY.COM|BY SAM PRINCE

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  1. So, the ISIS coat of arms is a handgun and a grenade and some scribble on paper.

    Excellent, sounds about right, signfiers of death and destruction

    ISIS puts the ass in class.

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