Islamoprop from the ABC: Keysar Trad performs the victimhood boogie…

Keysar Trad, one of the criminal dregs of the “Muslim community”.  A gift that keeps on giving…..

The ABC promotes the rubbish views of the disgraceful Keysar Trad – Muslim youth get radicalised because of us, not Islam

The ABC is falling over itself today to help out the disgraceful, sexist, homophobic  Islamist-apologist Keysar Trad.   Trad has no place in any sort of public life.   Here he is running down our community and blaming us for the excesses of Islamism – as promoted by the ABC.

Muslim youth pushed to ‘the margins of society’, Islamic spokesman Keysar Trad tells forum on radicalisation (Michael Smith)

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A forum in Sydney’s west has been told that Australia has a lot to learn before it understands the concept of Muslim radicalisation.

The forum, Countering the Radicalisation of Muslim Youths was held on Wednesday night at the University of Western Sydney’s Parramatta campus, attracting a capacity crowd of students, community leaders and academics.

The keynote speaker was Keysar Trad, who has long been outspoken about issues relating to Australia’s Muslim community.

Mr Trad told the forum some mainstream media outlets were pushing young Muslims to “the margins of society”.

“Sections within the Australian media and sections within the international media have created an industry out of Islamophobia,” Mr Trad said.

“This vitriolic media adds to the sense of victimisation, it adds to the sense of alienation, it adds to the sense of Islamophobia in broader society.”

Although he began his speech by telling the crowd that the group Islamic State “is neither Islamic, nor can it be described as a state”, Mr Trad also said he understood why the blood in some young Muslims “boils”.

“Joining ISIS is not the solution,” he said.

One young Muslim woman questioned Mr Trad’s remarks, telling the forum that her family was persecuted in Iraq and she was bullied during her childhood in Australia, yet she did not feel the need to become radicalised.

Well the ABC is happy to help spread Keysar’s Crap – it’s all our fault, we should have been nicer etc.

But I’m not.   The reason Islamists who have been “radicalised” so often end up dead or in gaol is Islam.  It’s not because of you, it’s them.

Here is a list of events that took place over a 30 day period ending last week. Worked out yet what they have in common?

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  1. Very creative photoshopping in that picture . Someone photographed a turd, put a beard on it and amazingly emulated the human behaviour of looking smug,

  2. Muslim youth pushed to the marjinns of society lol. But isn’t our “society” too nijis (impure) for them to join?

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