Kenyan university attack leaves 147 dead

The poor Kenyans. Once again devout Muslims do what the meshugga prophet did ..and the rest of the world sits back, watches good people get slaughtered and does … nothing.

As we have seen in previous attacks, the Islamic Terrorists release the Muslims and Kill  the Christians …

“If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot,” Wetangula, vice chairman of the university’s student union, recalled.

He and three roommates locked themselves in their room when they heard the gunfire.

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Masked gunmen from Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist Muslims group used grenades to break into the university in Garissa at dawn before attacking students as they slept.–SBS.COM.AU

What does it take for people to realise that Allah is not the same as the  god of Christians and Jews?  Alaso, Allahu Akbar means Allah, the Moon God, is greater than  our God.


Flashback: here’s how the Obama regime operates:

What isn’t mentioned in this article, is the Election Fraud. After the Election, a case of Election Fraud was submitted to Ivory Coast’s Highest Court. After review, Ivory Coast High Court found a turnout in the minority Muslim area’s of as much of 200%, so the High Court did the right thing and threw out the results. This angered the Muslim challenger, which led to the burning of Christian villages and the massacre of 800 to 1000 Christians.

Not sitting idly by, Pres Obama and the UN Equal Rights, led by the OIC, ordered the bombing of the Christian President’s compound, his arrest and the turn over of the country of Ivory Coast to the UN-rightful Muslim Terrorist.

Just how many innocents need to be murdered in the name of Islam, with Pres Obama’s approval?

IVORY COAST:  Hussein Obama demands Christian President step down so Muslim challenger can take over
Muslims accuse Americans of being “Islamophobic” for not wanting the Pledge of Allegiance to be…
On March 18, a student in Pine Bush High School near New York City recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. This was done as part of the school’s Foreign…  BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

2 thoughts on “Kenyan university attack leaves 147 dead”

  1. The situation is now very bleak for Nigeria. Kenya aside – and one has to laugh when one sees the BBC and CNN footage of “caring” muslims looking after the victims of what was nothing more that murder of sleeping, unarmed, Christian students by muslim slime (Kenya knows what it has to do – and that is not to follow the hand-wringing example from the low IQ western socialists who are now clamoring to tell Kenya what not not do ) the situation in Nigeria has now become critical for the Christian and non-muslim populations. It is likely that the violence seen in the north will now be exported to the south with the blessings of the “elected leader” and its henchmen. This also serves as an example of how muslim immigration, combined with non-sustainable birthrates, is used by muslims to warp the process of democratic choice. This process has also happened recently in another west African country (lets see who knowns the name of the country) , for which Obama must also acknowledge responsibility.

  2. Kenya’s Muslim percentage is more than 20%. That is a very advanced theshold. There is a chart that characterizes islamization by actions for percent of population. Ethiopia is more than 10%, maybe higher.

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