Labors betrayal of Israel

Is this a better day to ask Labor why it’s betraying Israel?

Andrew Bolt

One reporter, at least, tried yesterday to ask Labor leader Bill Shorten and deputy Tanya Plibersek about Labor’s craven betrayal of Israel in exchange for Muslim votes in Western Sydney:

JOURNALIST: Can I just ask you a few questions on other matters. On the ALP’s position on Palestine and National Conference – 

PLIBERSEK: Sorry, I don’t think today is the day for these other questions.

SHORTEN: I concur with Tanya. There will be plenty of times to ask us questions.

Well, how about today, then?


Plibersek could make an adequate Greens leader, but as a wannbe Labor leader is already helping to tear her party apart:

Labor frontbencher David Feeney has rebuked deputy leader Tanya Plibersek over her push to compel Labor MPs to vote for same-sex marriage, while also lashing ALP colleagues who are “fixated” on the Israel and Palestine issue. 

The socially conservative West Australian Labor senator Joe Bullock has also vowed to fight Ms Plibersek’s push to bind MPs to support same-sex marriage, rather than allowing a conscience vote as is currently the case.

He would not rule out crossing the floor of the Parliament if a vote was called on the issue, which could lead to his expulsion from the ALP…

After a week overseas attending Anzac Day commemorations, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is facing growing divisions in the Labor Party…

Mr Feeney said that “with so much going on in the Middle East, with more Arabs killed very year in Syria than have been killed in the history of Arab-Israeli conflict, the fixation on Israel is just that” and that his view was “unilateral recognition of Palestine doesn’t accomplish anything for the Palestinian people until that state is a reality on the ground”…

Some in the party are roiling with anger that the two issues have been raised ahead of the Abbott government’s make or break second budget.

One Right MP said anger in the party with Ms Plibersek was “unbelievable” and a “white hot f— you” to Mr Shorten, while Left MPs who support same sex marriage said she had made a tactical mistake that raised questions about her political judgement.

The Sydney Morning Herald has had its faith in Plibersek shaken by her power grab:

Acting federal Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek has made an error of judgment in pushing for her Labor colleagues to be forced to vote for same-sex marriage legislation…(M)any observers – like the Herald – had thought Ms Plibersek had the makings of a future Labor leader. Her latest decision weakens that faith…

(L)ast July … Sydney’s Star Observer newspaper quoted her as saying: “There are people in the Labor Party who would like it to be a binding vote but it’s very difficult for us to argue for a conscience vote for the Liberal Party and then not have a conscience vote ourselves.”…

While Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was out of the country, she made what looks like a political gamble to gain the upper hand in a factional debate at Labor’s biennial national conference in July. She knew full well that Mr Shorten supported a conscience vote. She knew the right of the Labor Party would object…

Another split with Labor’s social conservatives cannot be ruled out if Ms Plibersek’s proposal comes to fruition.