“So many artists are unaware of history…”

“Melanie West is an anti-racist activist, artist and comic book lover with a Bachelors of Science in Studio Art.”

She has problems with white, heterosexual men.  As an intolerant, anti-white racist, she  knows shiite about anything but hates everything, and then some. Like so many of the tolerant leftards.


Tim Blair

One month after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a bunch of New York artists – who, as you might expect, come across as a little self-involved – discussed their reactions to the atrocity. Jennifer Camper looked on the bright side:

The majority of Charlie Hebdo’s contributors were white, heterosexual men, and their publication reflects that. With new contributors, that might change. 

There’s nothing like wholesale murder to address an editorial imbalance. Melanie West reflected on a perceived power issue:

So many artists are unaware of history. They only see the surface. They don’t understand that drawing a picture of Jesus Christ is vastly different from depicting the Prophet Muhammad. They don’t get that on one side, Christianity is a religion that features a lot of people with a lot of global dominance, while on the other side, Islam is a faith that has been bludgeoned in order to justify the pillaging and imperial slaughter of the East. Within that context, a Western body blatantly disrespecting Islam (like when drawing the Prophet Muhammad) is dropping arrows from the top. They are driving salt into the wound. They’re punching down, and they shouldn’t be surprised when people get desperate and punch back.

Melanie may one day consider the power imbalance between unarmed Parisian cartoonists and assailants carrying AK-47s. She might also consider the huge power wielded by 150 Christian students in Kenya, whose global dominance didn’t prevent them being shot and beheaded by “desperate people” who “punched back”.

The piece was illustrated by Kevin Rudd’s nephew, whose work shows a remarkable resistance to improvement.

Mr Magoo sums it up:

As the Charlie Hebdo victims weren’t gay, black and female, their murders don’t matter.

As Christianity dominated the world, it deserves to be mocked, denigrated and abused; whereas Islam is a victim religion and must be respected, whatever actions are done in its name.

Seems logical.