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Security will be stepped up for ANZAC Day ceremony’s around the world as police investigate an ISIS inspired terror plot.

Listen to the Moonbat ‘expert’ Greg Barton on Islam:  Muslims and non-Muslims must join together, don’t look at Muslims “sideways”, the way they dress, its gotta damage our society,  we need trust, Muslim communities feel they are being stigmatised…”

And the twat finds it necessary to finish it off with “…and they are individuals rather than … anything to do with … religion…”

What a bunch of braindead creeps!

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  1. Whining voice Kochie and his imbecilic sidekick Natalie after the Lindt Cafe had someone who knew what he was talking about and said that we needed to learn from that incident how jihad was going to be a feature of domestic Australian life from now on and cutting him off Nat disputed that saying no it was better for us not to learn that lesson and the expert’s look changed to one of dismay at this wilful ignorance. This Bartom fool is their preferred expert as he toes the PC line. Don’t forget either that he is Wal Aly’s boss at Monash , presumably having something to do with hiring that snake in the grass. All the media is like that as per the news tonight where the main lesson to learn from the raids is that the police brutality was the order of the day.

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