“They hate free speech. They use fascist tactics to try and shut us down”

Pauline Hanson was there to declare she is not a ‘racist’.

“I am not a racist. Criticism is not racism.” Ms Hanson said she was merely a proud Australian fighting for the country’s democracy, culture and way of life.

Reclaim Australia supporters, wearing Australian flags, blue and wielding signs like “Kill ISIL” and “No Sharia Here” cheered as speakers preached anti-Islamist views and castigated the United Nations for criticising Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. (From the Courier Mail)


These socialist blockheads are no friends of FREE SPEECH:

Andrew Bolt

Organiser Mel Gregson said No Room for Racism was formed with the express purpose of shutting down the 16 rallies across Australia planned by Reclaim Australia

Reclaim Australia Brisbane rally met with crowd of people protesting against them
A RALLY purportedly against extremism has been met with an opposing crowd of protesters in Brisbane.
Reclaim Australia plan second rally after Newcastle ‘success’
PHOTOS: Reclaim Australia is planning to rally again in Newcastle after organisers dubbed the group’s Saturday protest a success.
Fairfax commenters are as dense and clueless as their scribblers.
Lunatic Rabble Marching

The organizers claim they want “to show the people of Australia we have had enough of minorities not fitting in and trying to change our Australian cultural identity.

“We’re not out to demonize the larger Muslim population because we can see the good that they’ve done. You can see that they’ve denounced terrorism,” Reclaim Australia’s spokesman, John Oliver, said.

When did they do that? Have we missed something? 

Anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ marches are planned for 16 major cities on Saturday. Opponents have lashed out at the event in social media, calling it ‘Nazi’,… RT.COM
Anti-Muslim rallies take place Australia wide
Anti-Muslim rallies take place Australia wide

Combined force of anti-Islam groups – marching under banner ‘Reclaim Australia’ – clash with opposition protesters.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Tempers flared and mounted police intervened as protesters took to the streets to march against a combined force of anti-Islam groups across Australia on Saturday.

Marchers draped in the Australia flag carried signs screaming anti Islam messages such as “Sharia Law equals Pedophilia,” and “God Save Us” in Sydney, while in Perth a line of mounted police and other officers, some with dogs, kept opposing sides apart.

A media release on behalf of Rise Up Australia – a group participating under a “Reclaim Australia” banner – stated that the “grass roots movement” started off with just a few Aussies who “were sick of staying silent while Islam, through Multiculturalism, was slowly but surely taking away all of our rights and freedoms.”

Kuranda Seyit – a spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Victoria – told The Anadolu Agency that the movement’s “Reclaim Australia” slogan made no sense.

Kuranda Seyit has no problem with Muslims who want to go back to the days of the profit Muhammad. But if Aussies claim their birthright it “doesn’t make sense”.

“What are they reclaiming,” asked Seyit, who spoke at a pro-Muslim rally in Sydney. “The only thing I can see that’s been lost is their dignity, their moral compass and their self-respect.

“It’s an insult to Australia, which prides itself on its multiculturalism and tolerance,” he added.

Don’t you just love it when Muselmaniacs tell us who and what we are?

Such feelings were shared in a banner carried by a demonstrator which depicted an Aboriginal flag

“Not yours to Reclaim!” it shouted.

Reclaim Australia cite the wearing of the burqa, Islamic extremism and the fear that sharia law is on the rise in Australia as issues of concern.

Counter-protesters argue the movement is anti-Muslim and Islamophobic, while Clare Fester, who organized a counter-rally in Sydney, told The Anadolu Agency that Reclaim is “racist and divisive.”

Dumber than dirt. They have no argument but the vain hope that shouting “racism” will kill the opposition to the multiculti cult.

The movement’s spokesperson Catherine Brennan denied the accusation, telling AA that they are “simply patriotic”.

“We want to return to traditional Australian values,” she said. “We want to go back to the time when we can walk into the Lindt café and not be concerned that we’re going to be blown up or shot,” she said.

From Dec. 15-16 a lone gunman killed two hostages at Lindt during a two-day siege.

Organizers claim over 700 supporters rallied for Reclaim in Sydney, close to 2000 in Melbourne and over 500 on the Gold Coast and in Adelaide. Counter protesters say their numbers were on par.

Brennen told AA that two Reclaim speakers “pulled out because they got death threats,” while reports said four people were arrested in total – three in Melbourne and one in Hobart.

Police shut down the Melbourne rally “for public safety,” according to the movement, mounted officers brought in to separate both sets of protesters.

“Leftists attacked attendees holding flags and were held back by cordon lines and police on horseback. 500 in the rally area and 2000 more unable to get past the left agitators,” the group claimed on its Facebook page.

Islamic Council of Victoria spokesperson Seyit said that the tone of both rallies became more confrontational when police came face to face with protesters.

He said it was clear that they had instructions not to allow the pro-Muslim protesters to get near the Reclaim rally.

“Nobody challenged them,” he stated.

He said that it’s important to keep the anti-Islamic sentiment in Australia in perspective.

“The support base of anti-Islamic groups, trying to stir up trouble, is small. They’re playing on people’s fears and trying to create the impression that Muslims are dangerous and will change the Australian way of life.”

The group is doing nothing more than “fearmongering and exploiting the situation that the Islamic State [Daesh] has created,” he told Anadolu Agen.

Meanwhile, Reclaim Australia’s twitter account was hacked prior to the marches Saturday.

A protester using the name Jeremy posted messages about drugs, dates with a girl called “Shazza” and xenophobia.

He claimed in an “official statement” that the rallies been cancelled, and posted tweets saying “whats wrong with muslims anyway I dun get it”

“I like vegemite on toast, it’s great in a toastie after a big night who gives a sh*t if it’s halal,” he added.

Vegemite is an iconic Australian slightly bitter sandwich spread made from brewer’s yeast. It is known as Marmite in Europe.

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  2. What is it going to take for these pathetic morons of the blinkered left to see the impending danger of the Islamic takeover of Australia? A massacre on the scale of Kenya’s at one of our universities, or will they write that off as just some lone unloved Muslim individual having a bad day needing to express themselves?

  3. When the crazy multikulti insanity gripped Europe over the last 15 years, there were two countries that I thought would never succumb to such moronic stupidity and that was the United States and Australia.

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