Vehicle Jihad


Pal-Arab Was ‘Seeking Out Jews’ In Vehicular Jihad Attack
In the most recent example of a new global trend where Muslim radicals drive their vehicles into unsuspecting civilians, seeking to murder innocents with their…  BREITBART.COM


Richard Falk defends Pali terror, praises Hamas for pursuing “peaceful co-existence,” attacks UN Watch for “defamatory campaign”

Former U.N. investigator Richard Falk hails Hamas’ “spirit of resistance,” justifies the Palestinian use of violence, says Hamas aims for “long-term peaceful co-existence,” and attacks UN Watch for ruining his 6-year term as Special Rapporteur on Palestine.
“I was very much attacked in a kind of defamatory way by UN Watch and other very extreme Zionist organizations. Wherever I went, anywhere in the world, they would try to prevent me from speaking, mounted a defamatory campaign, called me an antisemite, a leading antisemite. The Wiesenthal Center in LA listed me as the third most dangerous antisemite in the world, which made feel I must be doing something right, in this role…”Richard Falk defends Palestinian violence, praises “peaceful” Hamas, attacks UN Watch

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