Who turned the ABC into a propaganda tool for the halal racket?

The halal racket is a fever swamp. The sooner it is drained the better. But for the taxpayer funded ABC stooges muselmanic subversives can do no wrong.

ABC didn’t check the halal certification closely enough

Andrew Bolt

Interesting background from the ABC’s Fact Check about a halal certification process which should actually be done here by the Federal Government, as the Indonesian Government will now do in Indonesia:

Fact check: Does halal certification fund terrorism?… 

Few food manufacturers who sell halal-certified foods in Australia or for export, or the organisations that certify them, were willing to tell Fact Check how much they pay, or are paid, for certification…

The Byron Bay Cookie Company said its annual halal certification fee was around $1,500 a year…

Hasan Tanrikut, a halal supervisor from the Global Halal Trade Centre Pty Ltd told Fact Check that certifications of abattoirs for example, which are done four times a year, cost approximately $2,000 to $3,000 per audit. He said halal certification of meat was charged at 25 cents per carton exported…

Halal certification recognition is controlled in Indonesia by the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI – The Indonesian Council of Ulama)… Only six of the AGAHP organisations in Australia are approved by MUI to certify Australian exports going to Indonesia.

In late 2014, the Indonesian government introduced new legislation …  with the Government taking responsibility for administering the halal product guarantee via a new agency, which then submits its results to the MUI…

For Australian food exported to Saudi Arabia, the Muslim World League, based in Saudi Arabia, is responsible for deciding which companies are permitted to certify halal food for their market.

Amjad Mehboob from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc (AFIC), now known as Muslims Australia, one of six Australian organisations authorised to certify halal food for the Saudi Arabian market, said AFIC … does not pay a fee to the Muslim World League for this recognition.

Saad Al-Shumaimry, director of the Muslim World League for Australia and New Zealand told Fact Check that his organisation did not charge local certification companies fees for endorsing their halal certification status.

Gaafar Mohammed, a senior auditor and meat inspector with the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV) told Fact Check the company did not pay any fees to overseas organisations for their certification recognition…

So where does the money go? (SY)

According to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission register, the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia Inc (SICHMA) is a large charity with revenue over $1 million, but no financial reports are available on … how much comes from halal certification.

We want those financial reports. (SY)

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc (AFIC) … earned an income of $2.8 million in 2012, of which $647,722 came from halal certification fees, after expenses…

A spokesman for the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) – the government body that monitors money laundering and terrorism – told Fact Check that it had no information to indicate there are links to terrorism financing from halal certification fees… 

Muslims use the hawala system. “No information” simply means they are not doing their job.

Muhammad Khan, CEO of Halal Australia, said profits did not go towards supporting any terrorist activities… Dr Kahn said Halal Australia donates some of its profits to Islamic schools and mosques as part of its broader community engagement program, which includes donations to children’s hospitals and the Cancer Council Australia… 

A pittance at best, goes to children’s hospitals and the Cancer Council Australia… (SY)

“We are mindful of responsibility to the poor and destitute in the community… here as well as in overseas countries [and we donate] through the proper channels, for example Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief…,” he said…

“…mindful of responsibility to the poor and destitute in the community?” Absurd. We, the taxpayers of Australia, are doing that already. Its called Centrelink. (SY)

The Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV), a private company, claims to be “the major Islamic organisation responsible for the certification, monitoring, and supervision of Halal food exports from Australia”.

Gaafar Mohammed says ICCV is a community-based organisation that is partnered with 11 Australian mosques.

“We don’t fund the mosques, but we take care of their expenses, like electricity, water, things like that,” he said… 

Muslims Australia (AFIC), the peak national body representing Islam and Muslims, … [in] its financial report for 2012 shows it donated $150,000, part of which funded an imam’s salary, and financially supported five Islamic colleges around Australia…

The verdict… While the proceeds of halal certification do fund Islamic organisations, Fact Check could find no evidence that this money has ever flowed to terrorist groups. 

I’m not sure many Australians think their purchase of food should include donations to mosques.

And the ABC curiously failed to mention past controversies surrounding two of the charities named as receiving money collected through halal certification.

About Muslim Aid:

2008:  A SYDNEY charity that admitted channelling aid through an Islamic organisation banned in Australia for its alleged terror links was yesterday raided by the federal police…The police action was prompted by The Australian’s revelations this month about the charity’s connection to Interpal, a humanitarian network proscribed by Australia and the US.

About Islamic Relief:

2014Islamic Relief, a Birmingham-based charity that works in 44 countries, said an internal inquiry had not revealed any evidence to corroborate Israel’s claim that it should not be allowed to work in the West Bank because it had been collecting money for Hamas and its offices were run by terror operatives.

Other allegations against Islamic Relief are made here.

The charities may well be as completely innocent as they say, but the ABC should at least have mentioned the allegations and explained why it believed the denials.

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  1. The fact checker at the ABC (AlJezeera’s Australian Branch) is the husband of Trioli – who, after the Boston bombing commented that the victims were “only” rich white folk….credibility: zero

    And speaking of this incestuous nest of nepotism that is the ABC, Waleed Aly, their resident expert on islam, an apologist for Boko Haram, has finally brought his first wife into this tax-payer funded Propaganda chain – she now comments on something or other, smiling and giggling with Trioli (ABC TV24), demurely veiled the islamic way……arrrrghhhhh

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