Germany: After Terror Scare, Muslims Demand Political “Participation”

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Muslims call for greater participation, or else.

We are to blame if Muslims are angry and  blow us up.  After the  foiled Islamic terrorist attack in Oberursel a Wiesbaden mosque association has called for more political participation by Muslims.

Muslims need  political participation and accommodation, so  that they don’t drift into radical circles, said the Islamic Cultural Association Imam Hossein (photo) on Saturday. He runs a mosque in the city. “Politicians must not only react if it’s too late, but must cooperate with Muslims on an equal footing,” it says in the statement. Whoever is successfully integrated into society, is committed to its protection, and did not want to harm her. (Filed under “Islamisation of Germany” and “Taqiyya”)


One thought on “Germany: After Terror Scare, Muslims Demand Political “Participation””

  1. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird

    I have a question for you.

    Watch the video below and then ask the following question; “How many Muslims had any input, of any type, at any time, into this project and development”?

    The answer is of course…………zero.

    The Muslim and its Islam; the horses ass of humanity.

    Enjoy the video……….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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