Islam, the Remedy for EVERYTHING!

Islam, the remedy for EVERYTHING!

Rising Islamophobia concerns US Muslim organizations

The solution to rising Islomphoboia is the education of non-Muslims and introducing them to “true Islam” and the true profile of Muslims, as an alternative to mainstream media stereotypes, Muslim community leaders said. …

More chaff at thanks to Mullah, pbuh 

Muslim groups speak out against planned changes to citizenship laws

Of course they do. They speak out against anything that could impede the global jihad.

Muslim community groups across Australia have condemned the Federal Government’s proposal to revoke the citizenship of Australians involved in terrorism. …

More something to do with islam and jihad at SBS

Make Muslim nations take refugees: Myanmar monk
He is the face of the anti-Muslim sentiment that has sparked the Myanmar Rohingya region­al refugee crisis and left Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi silent and exposed, as international calls mount for the human-rights champion to…
Government’s call to reject Australian IS defectors an opportunity lost
Returning terrorists can reveal the horrors of IS with more credibility than anyone else. So why strip their citizenship?
Jihad fears in Calais: Undercover police search for ISIS extremists in migrant camps
UNDERCOVER officers are infiltrating migrant groups in Calais looking for jihadists trying to sneak into the UK, it has been revealed.
London schoolgirls who fled to join Islamic State ‘being trained for European attacks’
THREE London schoolgirls who fled to Syria are being trained to return to Europe and carry out terror attacks, an Islamic State defector has revealed.


5 thoughts on “Islam, the Remedy for EVERYTHING!”

    1. And not one bureaucrat, not one politician, not one police officer, not one academic, not one judge, not one lawyer, not one parents’ association, not one teacher, not one member of the “other” religious groups………and finally………not one “good Muslim” said one word……..not one word…………

      Think about that for a minute……….this is the crucible in which patriot vigilantes are born.

      Mark my words.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      PS……..ISNA is the Islamic Society of North America and its directly tied to terrorism, funding for terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamification of all Western countries……..fact.

  1. Make Muslim nations take refugees: Myanmar monk

    Absurd. For that would mean the end of Hijra, and future global sharia.

  2. Returning terrorists can reveal the horrors of IS with more credibility than anyone else. So why strip their citizenship?

    Far from dissuading young or old Muslims, the “horrors” will actually be an attraction.

    The worst thing that can happen to any Muslim ina Kudffar nation, is that he will be removed from an Infidel coun try and thus lose three major strategic points

    1. The continuation of the Jihad inside the Kuffar nation.

    2. Ready access to kuffars for slaughter, thus allowing a guaranteed place in the 72 virgin paradise

    3. The continuation of the demographic Jihad.

    Muslim Waleed knows all this, and his piece is the usual dissumulation tone expects from Muslims.

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