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I’d like to return to Australia and blend into any community  that needs a depraved homicidal, bloodthirsty criminal minded lunatic…..

In other news:

‘I would not want my children sitting in a classroom next to the kid who held a gun in one hand and a severed head in the other.”

So the onus will be on teachers and students to spot potential jihadis. What planet are our leaders on? It’s like putting out spot-fires. Instead of relying on teachers and children, our politicians need to get a backbone, call a spade a spade and address the root cause of the problem. Islam. –HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Teachers and students trained to spot potential terrorists in classroom ‘jihadi watch’ scheme
TEACHERS and students would be taught how to spot potential jihadis in the classroom under plans before the Federal Government.

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  1. Once again this problem rears its ugly head …. islam Appeasers

    Get rid of Australia’s islam Appeasing
    • Politicians
    • Politicals
    • Local Government Councillors
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs

    THEN “Remove” the islams !!
    THEN (turn to) dust the islams Religious Buildings and Texts !!!

    Stop ISLAMS BUTT LIFTING Anywhere and Everywhere !!!!
    Make it that no place is safe/available for islams to FART @ HEAVEN

  2. Like to live among these “people”? This is what Sydney has become. Having your children in the same schoolroom as Sharrouf’s, on the same bus, train or living in the same suburb as as Sharrouf and his ilk is a frightening prospect and one that we now have to put up with everyday. There are plenty more Sharroufs in Sydney and they are everywhere. They have sure become emboldened since Cronulla.

    1. Tell us more about authorities depending on finks. That sounds like the Soviets.

      FBI knew about Simpson, but did nothing to stop him from mounting an attack. What good is knowledge without effective action?

      It starts with political will, and that starts with politicians fully informed about Islam. Send the link above to your favorite candidate and office holders.

    2. Unfortunately (MOST) politicians are Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islam Appeasers .

      The REAL Political Reality 101 ….
      (This is a real letter (version) sent by politicians as a response to unwanted requests for them to explain islam STILL being in Australia) – The temerity of these pesky constituents has even been complained about by politicians in Parliament
      Both comment links contain the same letter of response but for different “Sheik” articles in response also to a comment.

      The response “Form Letter” to requests of “Please explain islam in Australia” from Australia’s “authorities” along with the proveable fact that islams are STILL immigrating and residing in Australia – TELLS ALL.
      (and verges on being Really Sickening)
      Most “Authorities” have extreme guilty of TREASON AND SEDITION and should be incarcerated so the islams can be removed from their positions- Poste Haste!
      The longer this “Removal” is left the more destructive these Criminal islams will be when finally “removed” !
      Sooner “removal” is better than later “removal” – then it will be more an “Extraction”.
      However – islams should firstly be asked to voluntary leave.

      More people are now awake to what Australian and The Other Secular Nations “authorites” are doing and realise that these “authority” islam appeasers are the major number one problem Secular Nations have when dealing with islams.
      Kudos to Myanmar (Burma).

      Our “authorities” ALREADY KNOW WHAT islam is ALL ABOUT !!!!
      (it is a politicians job to know about the real world)

      These “authorities” require more than a link to read islam 101 !
      These “authorities” require their Removal from “Authoritive” positions.
      Then the islams can and must be “Remove”/”Extracted” !!!

      extremely illuminating link for politicians who are islam appeasers ….

      1. With the signal exception of the MCs belonging to the Anti-Terror Caucus, most of our legislators are ignorant. The new Islam 101 For Politicians page is intended mainly for new candidates for office; particularly the GOP Presidential aspirants.

        They do not have the free time to slog through thousands of pages of drek to discover the reality of Islam.

        My hope is that honest politicians, few though they be, will read that page, get a clue, share what they learn and not back down to the PC Police.

        We get what we, collectively, vote for. Our votes won’t count for much if the majority of the electorate is brainwashed or brain dead.

        The Conservative candidate who will curse & condemn Islam will be high on my list. The ones who lift Satan’s tail and insert their tongues will not be on my list.

  3. Will some Aussie for Chrissake wise up their legislators and administrators? That article reflects an abysmal ignorance, calling for a good poleaxing, first with a 2X4 to seize their attention, then with the fatal facts of Isdamn.

    There is no extremism and no radicalization. There is only belief and zealotry. When a believing Muslim learns the full extent of his obligations to Allah and the consequence of neglecting them, he will become violent.

    Exiling the enemy fifth column is the only reasonable solution. No Muslims: no problem.

      1. I experienced great difficulty, but finally, after a long struggle, gave two AssWholes a good reaming. I had to close Firefox, and when I reopened it to reply, the damn thing came back and locked it up again. I do not recommend that site 🙁

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