Seriously? Reform of Islam can save us?

Andrew Bolt should know better. Islam cannot be reformed, because

  • None may change His words” (Koran 18:27).
  • “This day I have perfected for you your religion” (5:3).

Raymond Ibrahim  explains: 

Islam has already “reformed.” And violence, intolerance, and extremism  mass-murder—typified by the Islamic State (“ISIS”)—are the net result of this “reformation.”

No Australian government should waste taxpayer money on anything Islamic. Especially not on “deradicalisation” BS.  All of it is a waste of time and money, which would be far better spent on defence and educating gullible Australians about Islam.


Good that we’re trying, but only reform of Islam can save us

Andrew Bolt

Until Muslim leaders take responsibility for reforming their faith, hounding out hate preachers and reclaiming their young, I fear such programs – while potentially good – will have limited effect:

More than $22 million will be spent on educating and helping migrants land jobs to battle the radicalisation of young people in Australia…

“Migrants” is a euphemism for unasssimilable Mohammedan missionary bandits. Throwing money at silly programs weakens us, it will have no positive effect whatsoever. (SY)


The Transition Support for Young Refugees and Other Vulnerable Young Migrants program is made up of four measures.

Among them is a sports engagement initiative that will see 10,000 young people playing sport with community groups and a job readiness program for 2000 young refugees and migrants.

Sport is no remedy for jihad. A job is no remedy for jihad either.

A strong connections to education measure will help young people stick with their education by building self-confidence and social connections.

Pipe dreams.

The government will also spend the next financial year creating a vocational skills program, which will eventually be piloted.

I hope this funding is kept out of the hands of Muslim groups, and especially those with leaders who’ve proved hot-cold on Australia. Integration should be the aim, and one reflected in the structure of these programs.

Any programs dealing with Islamic problems must go to the source of the problem: Islam. There is no way to skirt around that.

But how would such programs have stopped Oliver Bridgeman: 

The Courier-Mail’s revelation that Bridgeman has fled to the Middle East to fight for al-Quaida-linked terrorist group the Al-Nusra Front, under the name Yusuf Oli, has shocked family and friends…

Bridgeman grew up on the Gold Coast and attended Coombabah State High, where he was named school captain last year…

The Courier-Mail has been told Bridgeman converted to Islam after becoming friends with several Muslims at school.  

(Bridgeman’s family says it’s sure he’s not actually fighting for terrorists.)