The future must not belong to Obamunism

Obama Coldly Denies Islamic-Persecuted Iraqi Christian Woman Begging to Come to America –
smug-obamaNun Begs Obama For Meeting About Christian Slaughter, Here’s His Response

You don’t have to keep up with daily news to know that Iraq is the eye of the Islamic State hurricane, a stronghold of Sharia brutality and a hotbed for Isalmic violence. However, most have never and will never hear of the immense suffering and insurmountable persecution of Middle Eastern Christians, and it’s literally thanks to the Obama administration.

While Obama and the State Department trip over themselves to remind the West of the oppression of Muslims in the West because of our own Islamophobia (fear of being blown to bits by the only religion in history to slaughter 270 million unbelievers), real Islamic oppression in the Middle East is resulting in the imprisonment, torture, enslavement, and massacre of the few remaining Christians in their homelands.

Hoping to voice the mass suffering of the voiceless, Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Catherine of Siena planned to testify in Washington to the horrors she has personally witnessed on a grand scale.

Iraqi Nun Begs Obama For Meeting About Christian Slaughter, Here's His Response

The Iraqi Catholic nun from Nineveh had confirmed meetings with the Senate and House foreign relations committees, USAID, various NGOs, and even the U.S. State Department, but the response she was given from State Department just before her scheduled departure in mid-May shows how much the Obama administration cares about the extermination of Christians.

National Review reports that Sister Diana was informed by letter from the U.S. consulate Tuesday that her non-immigrant-visa application has been denied:

You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the visa.

She told Nina Shea in a phone interview that she was rejected because she is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP). In short, the State Department was calling her a liar.

In other news:

The Forgotten Americans Jailed in Iran
While President Obama continues with his agenda of nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic and attempts to give a legacy to his name, he has completely ignored the fate of several American citizens who are jailed in the Islamic Republic.

“I didn’t expect that answer,” Sister Diana told Glenn Beck. “I questioned myself, ‘Is an IDP not a human anymore? … Does that mean I’m not allowed to travel anymore?’”

Not only has Sister Diana proven her intent to return to Iraq because of her employment with the Babel College of Philosophy and Theology, she is bound by contract to teach there until 2016. This reasoning was completely and intentionally ignored by the White House.

The nun also included an invitation from former congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) in her application, but it didn’t sway the Obama administration, News Bustersoutlined.

“Pray for us that we can return to our homes, because without our homes, we have become people without identity,” Momeka asked Americans in her interview with Beck. “[For example], I can’t have a visa because I’m an IDP. … Keep praying and tell the world to find some way to help us return to our towns, to our churches, to our universities, to our lives. That’s the most important thing for us.”

The Obama administration’s reason for denying the nun’s dire one-week admission to the U.S. was that they believed she could possibly be lying about intention to visit Washington, secretly attempting to stay in the U.S. indefinitely — illegal immigration, in layman’s terms.

Not only is this pitiful excuse coming from the president who has allowed in more illegal aliens than ever before, provided them with the benefits of American citizens, and sought to grant them amnesty, this is a clear refusal to acknowledge the suffering of the most persecuted group on earth.

This response was simply an excuse to cover up the real issue: the Obama administration only seeks to bring in Muslim immigrants, illegal or under the status of “refugee.” This is evident with accurate immigration statistics during Obama’s era.

There's One Disturbing Thing You Don't Know About Obama's Immigration Statistics

According to the above research, Arabic speaking immigrants were given first priority, bringing in more than three times the amount of Arab Muslims than all Spanish-speaking refugees combined.

Not only is our president denying Christians entry into the U.S. on a major scale, he is opening the gate wide for Muslims in particular, making it easy for terrorists to slip past security unhindered. Even the FBI warns that numerous Muslims who left the U.S. to train with ISIS were allowed back across our borders upon returning home from their butchery.

Every member of an Iraqi delegation of minority groups, including spokespeople for the Yazidi, Shia, and Kurdish religious communities, has been granted entrance into our country to meet with congressmen, that is, except for Christians.

Not only will the current administration do everything in their power to block Christians from voicing their suffering, they will take immediate action to shield criticism of Islam. There you have the real reason for the denial of a Christian representative; light shed upon true persecution also beams a spotlight on the persecutors — Muslims.

Obama has proven that he will go as far as chastising Christian victims of Muslim persecution to make the Islamic ideology look less vile. If this type of abuse of power isn’t off-limits, what makes you think they will attempt to stop ISIS or any other Islamic terrorist organization on earth, within our borders or without?

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  1. America is practically a de facto democracy apostate now. This Iraqi Catholic nun would have too much confronting, inconvenient truth for BO, the muslim brotherhood and PC brigade to handle. She might try Australia. But then she risks getting the same treatment as Geert Wilders.

  2. Obama told this Christian “We don’t accept refugees from Syria!” while of course he accepted over 100,000 Syrian muslims.

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