Binnies Porn Stash

The secrecy about Bin Laden stinks. Its more like protecting him, don’t you think?

Binnies Porn Stash

US officials will not release al-Qaeda leader’s pornography stash 

The stash of pornography reportedly found in the hideout of Osama Bin Laden by US commandos will not be declassified released “due to the nature of their contents”, an official has said.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Saudi Arabia Suicide Bomb Attack
Italy: Muslim terrorists display victory signs as they arrive on “refugee” boats into Europe

ISIS terrorist  is seen offering a peace sign as he arrives in Europe aboard a migrant boat just one month before he would be accused of killing scores of tourists in Tunisian museum massacre

  • Abdel Majid Touil smirked for camera after being rescued in Mediterranean
  • Expelled from Italy before travelling to Tunisia to ‘plan museum massacre’
  • After attacks, he managed to re-enter Italy where he was arrested this week

23 Pictures of ECCENTRIC MILLIONAIRES in Dubai

And you wonder why they don’t want any “Rohingya’s?” Or “Palestinians?”

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  1. “US officials will not release al-Qaeda leader’s pornography stash”

    They just wanna keep all that kiddie- and goat porn all for themselves this Muslim Brother/Sisterhood of the White House.

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