Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy & France: Tens of Thousands March Against Islamisation

Bulgarians call it how they see it, it is a pity our leaders can’t do the same.

(When Governments lie to their people…the people stop trusting them. That should be enough warning to Police and other Government agencies that insist on delivering Politically Correct rubbish. —Call it as you see it—that is Australian!)

Thousands of Bulgarians protest Muslim land grabbing: ‘You are not Europeans, you are barbarians’
BULGARIANS step up attacks on mosque in Plovdiv city with stones, smoke and stun grenades in protest against Muslim infiltrators demanding to be given old… THEMUSLIMISSUE.WORDPRESS.COM
SLOVAKIA FOR SLOVAKS: “Muslims are always the enemy”
Thousands of Slovaks come out for anti-Muslim ‘Stop Islamization of Europe’ protest rally, dozens arrested. RT (h/t Maria J) At least 140 people have been…  BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Mailand: Zehntausende Italiener demonstrieren gegen Masseneinwanderung – “Stop Invasione” -…
In Mailand haben am Samstag Abend mehrere Tausend Anhänger der Lega Nord unter dem Titel “Stop Invasione – prima la nostra gente” (“Stoppt die Invasion –…PI-NEWS.NET
FRANCE: Anti-Islam activists stage ‘Day Against (Muslim) Immigration’ protest in Calais
Calais is flooded with illegal alien Muslim invaders squatting and pissing in the streets, robbing stores,…
Time Mag: Muhammad cartoons “make Muslims feel less safe”
Jordan Denari is a “Research Fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, where she works for the Bridge Initiative, a research…  JIHAD WATCH
EVER THE VICTIM, Muslims whine about this being “the worst year in America for Muslims since 9/11”
Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim supporter of Hamas…
Dutch public television sabotaged broadcast of Geert Wilders Muhammad cartoons
The Dutch state television broadcaster sabotaged the scheduled broadcast of the Mohammed Cartoons from last month’s event in Garland, Texas. NPO, the public…

14 thoughts on “Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy & France: Tens of Thousands March Against Islamisation”

  1. Hello there…….its me again……Don Laird….

    The hypocrisy of the Leftist/Liberals and their stock in trade; Cultural Marxism…….found in a smart cookie who compared two tweets from the Leftist scum at Salon.com….

    Links are here…..


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. As for Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy and France, I see deportations commencing soon, with patriots of these countries targeting and killing Muslim leaders and a robust program of burning mosques to the ground (AKA: Mosque Deconstruction)………..considering the role the mosque plays in Islamic politics burning one to the ground would be of no more consequence than burning down a local chapter of the Nazi Party or of NAMBLA (the pedophile association)

    Muslims, Nazis and Pedophiles………birds of a feather flocking together.

    God Speed Slovakia!!!!

    God Speed Bulgaria!!!!

    Find your courage Europe and cut from your midst the cancer of Islam!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Not gonna happen. ……. Don Bro…………
      Never,….. Ever. …. Since ……….
      Europe & the US …. Decided on the Program of Appeasement …… Towards these CERTIFIED RETARD SAVAGES.


  3. EVER THE VICTIM, Moslims whine about this being
    the worst year in America for Muslims since 9/11

    islams …
    – your worst Year … Month … Day … Minute … Second
    – has NOT yet begun
    Believe Me !!
    – But you (islams/non-Humans) will recognise it when it arrives – if you have time !
    To refresh Humans about behaviour of islams …
    • Muslim in Arabic means
    one who gives himself to God,
    – and is by islam demand, what an islam submitter demands to be called.
    – so by actual arab definition … an islam muslim is an absolute impossibility
    • Moslem in Arabic means
    one who is evil and unjust
    – when the word pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a z.
    – and is what was … and REMAINS … the true description of a Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islam submitter and follower of false prophet (Liar) muhammad (and also known as – THE Paedophile).

      AND ….. SERIOUSLY ……


  4. Islam is a cancer. It is like Christianity of the 14th century but worse. Because it has shown that it cannot change. It is stuck in the days of Saladin, and it refuses to get out of there.

  5. time to wake up, but not much hope…with the actual government and thee actual POPE…..
    The invasion is going on !!!

  6. Now I am feeling a bit secured. Wake up White people! Only your action will save us and the whole world from these barbarous Muslims.

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