But what if jihadists represent the true Islam?

Andrew Bolt

Almost all the media and political debate about how to tackle radical Islam and terrorism is based on one critical assumption: that jihadists are unrepresentative and do not represent “true” Islam. That they therefore can be talked out of their dangerous attitudes. That they can be “deradicalised”.

But what if that is simply not true?

clive-kessler-285Clive Kessler is emeritus professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of NSW. He has studied Islam and the sources of militant Islam for more than 50 years:

Among Muslims worldwide today, about 10 to 15 per cent, it may be suggested, are modernist, reform-minded and democratic; perhaps another 10 to 15 per cent are militant, radical, extreme and potentially active in violent forms.

Between these two clusters, the 70 per cent in the middle represent what may be called conventional or quasi-traditional Islam.

The question is: what is the relation of the views of the radical extreme to those of the centrist mainstream? Are they opposed, a deviationist breakaway, or are they basically identical, or at least complementary?

It would be reassuring if things were otherwise, but the basic facts are clear. Like the radical fringe or fundamentalist extreme, the Muslim mainstream adheres to, through explicit affirmation or by unreflecting habitual assent, the same underlying propositions that constitute the radical and militant world view. Like that of the militants, their Islam, or view of it, is basically supersessionist…

Many Muslims, not just the militants but those throughout the mainstream or centre ground of their faith community’s social spectrum, chafe against the ­humiliation the world of Islam has experienced in modern times at the hand of non-Muslims, believe this situation must and will be reversed, and that determined action on the part of the faithful is necessary to bring about that ­divinely ordained historical restoration of Islamic dignity, autonomy and even ascendancy.

The mainstream and the militants, including the violent implementers of militant ideas, share this outlook. The difference is simply, or largely, one of the means and measures and strategies…

Since the radicals and the mainstream share — if in different forms and style and emphasis — the same religiously grounded historical world view, the two orientations are basically complementary and congruent, not opposed. So there is no ground within the mainstream for calling back the deviant minority; no distinctive standpoint, authentic and authoritative, to which the radicals may be called to return by abandoning their own identifiable heresies. The moderates from the centrist mainstream stand bereft of the religiously based political and moral authority to make such calls persuasively, in ways that may prove enduringly convincing…

Increasingly, the militants and the mainstream share a common mindset and set of attitudes. The difference is that those in the mainstream tend to accept and go along with them habitually, while the radical Islamist ideologues take those framing ideas seriously and literally, and seek to affirm them actively…

If this is the case … then community-based, community-supported and community-driven strategies of deradicalisation cannot work. They are doomed from the start.

Of course, if Kessler is right, the implications for our immigration policy are profound – yet still impossible for politicians to publicly discuss.

5 thoughts on “But what if jihadists represent the true Islam?”

  1. But what if jihadists represent the true Islam?

    jihadists -DO- represent the true Islam !!!
    And who do Australians have to thank for islam immigration AND the LIVE-IN Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islam invaders !!!!

    Australia’s islam Appeasers (Traitors AND Sedioners)
    And the solution is …. So! So! Simple!
    QUICKLY! – Get rid of Australia’s islam Appeasing ….
    • Politicians
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    • Local Government Councillors
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Idiot Self Destruct islam Slaves.
    QUICKLY! –
    incarcerate !!!
    QUICKLY! – incarcerate !!!
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    Then – QUICKLY! – Remove the islam !!!
    (by any method possible !!!)

    Politicians can only play dumb for a given period of time – this period is up !

    So who do you turn to when you KNOW that your Federal and Local Political Representatives are islam Appeasers (Traitors AND Seditioners) and …
    (You know – because you have received Government “Form Letters” espousing the benefits that islam and islams bring to Australia in response – to your concerns communicated to these politicians about islam immigration into Australia)

    1. Bravo! Threaten them with loss of seats. Unity is strength. Save your country from the Barbarians who would dominate you.
      Wh ys is the Oz Government sending out pamphlets about “ünderstanding”? My God, we unmderstand them too darned well. We know what they’re up to, so don;t regard the electorate as stupid.
      Of course in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi, etc, they’re handing out leaflets offering understanding about the Christian way of life!!!!

  2. I wish writers, bloggers, journalists, news reporters et al, would cease using the phrase “radical Islam” as though it were some subset of Islam. Please read the following:

    “Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax.” (9:29)”Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” (3:85)”Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” (8:12)

    Or, 24:55 (allah’s promise of world domination): “Allah has promised to those of you who believe, that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth.”

    Muslims are urged not to be friends with anyone who is not Muslim (4:144, 5:57 and 5:51: “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends”) – hey! This is “God” talking!


    There is no “moderate” or “peaceful” Islam. Islam is a totalitarian theocracy which controls every aspect of the believers life. Islam is not compatible with Western civilization or society. Islam is perhaps the greatest threat to our way of life since Adolf Hitler.

    1. Uncle Vladdi,

      It can’t be done. They (the media et al.) need the word “radical” to differentiate between all the peace loving Muslims that exist in the world. Wink. Wink.

      All part of the propaganda machine, my friend.

      I am now of the mind, that when the word “peace” was first implied in tandem with Islam, they really meant “pieces” and the muslims were clever enough not to make the distinction between the two. Realizing it was a win win situation. All the numpty’s who bought into the “peace” propaganda became soft targets.

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