Comedy Gold: Muslim Spokesturd Claims Halal Fees Needed To Stop Muslims From Blowing Us Up


Dr Rifi says, “Halal certification money should be invested in engaging with the frustrated youth and in deradicalization programs. After all, this is Muslim community money.”

775764-2386a048-082e-11e5-8933-556e3a23c467It certainly is a better idea than the ‘deradicalization’ programs being funded by tax-payer money. However I can’t see the extremely wealthy and profitable halal certifiers parting with such large amounts of money. I also think we need to address and discuss the fundamental issues of what the Qu’ran teaches and the example of the prophet if we are serious about integration and peace.

And as he says, halal profits are “Muslim community money.” That is the issue many of us are frustrated with. Why do all consumers, the majority of which are non-Muslim, have to contribute so much profit to “Muslim community money”?

Halal certification needs to be either government run and everyone benefits from the profits, or user pays and only Muslims fund the industry. I hope Dr Rifi makes his own submission to the government inquiry.

Halal fees should combat radicalism
THE most important thing about punishment is that it should fit the crime.–DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU

New legislation to strip citizenship from terrorists with dual citizenship is a two-edged sword. When the terrorist is already overseas, I have no issues with it.

However, while punishing locally convicted terrorists is a must, stripping them of citizenship is punishing their innocent family.

We Australian Muslims have made a choice to participate in this country’s democratic institutions. Achieving security and maintaining liberties should not be a seesaw equation or a zero-sum game. Having a secure nation should not be at the expense of losing our liberties or rights. For example, stripping citizenship from terrorists convicted in Australia will mean deportation after serving their sentences regardless of whether they have been rehabilitated or not — in which case, what is the difference between us and Indonesia?

Likewise, on deportation, their family members — likely to be already victims of extremism — will keep suffering if forced out of the country by the perpetrator or the law.

If we want to combat terrorism, the most important thing is to deconstruct so-called Islamic State ideology and discredit its narrative and propaganda. And no one is better placed to blow apart the IS myth than those who have been there, become disillusioned and want to return.

This does not mean automatically allowing any Australian who has joined IS to return. Each would-be ­jihadi must be assessed on a case-by-case basis and, of course, they cannot have blood on their hands.

This would be a complex, exhaustive process. Deradicalisation must begin when they are still overseas and be constantly assessed and reassessed. Only once they have been deemed fully safe should they be ­allowed to return to Australia, where they must continue to be enrolled in a deradicalisation program.

Of course there are still risks, but consider also the rewards. We can gain first-hand knowledge of the techniques IS uses to radicalise and recruit young Australians, the trigger-factors, thought patterns and backgrounds of those who turn to ­extremism, and the mechanisms by which IS makes contact and communicates with their prey and physically transports them to Syria.

We may even be able to gather intelligence on the activities of IS in Iraq and Syria, including the role of senior Australian IS figures. The reported case of the family of Khaled Sharrouf is just one example of how difficult this issue has become. Whatever the horrors of his actions or the delusions of his wife in taking their children to Syria, are we to punish the children for their parents’ actions? If anything, they are already victims. Yet if they do come back, how are we to care for them and undo the ­unthinkable damage done by their upbringing to date?

To this end I propose that halal certification organisations provide financial assistance not just to the grandchildren of Karen and Peter Nettleton but to deradicalisation schemes for disaffected Muslim youth. We stopped all these young people from travelling and confiscated their passports and so now we have we ended up with still-frustrated and volatile youths, but without any programs in place to engage with them.

Halal certification money should be invested in engaging with the frustrated youth and in deradicalisation programs. After all, this is Muslim community money.

It is also important to stress that the vast majority of Australian Muslims are not in any way interested in IS ideology, which is more accurately a recruitment tactic that preys on aggressive, disaffected and/or vulnerable youths regardless of background.

It is worth noting that one-third of worldwide terror attacks are committed by recent converts to Islam.

Nor is there such a thing as “one” Muslim community — there is a plethora of communities as diverse as any other. Sadly, it is usually the most vulnerable families and communities that are most heavily targeted by hard line extremists.

Therefore to tackle this problem we need a whole-of-society response, not just a Muslim community response. But that does not mean the Muslim community, such as it is, can afford to shirk responsibility for the dangerous elements within it. Nor should we be defensive or complacent when it comes to reaching out to non-Muslims to prove that we are overwhelmingly a people of peace. Trust is hard to win and easy to lose and we Australian Muslims need to earn the trust of society so as to improve our standing.

Dr Jamal Rifi is a Belmore GP and prominent Muslim figure.

10 thoughts on “Comedy Gold: Muslim Spokesturd Claims Halal Fees Needed To Stop Muslims From Blowing Us Up”

  1. Halal cert. fees are subject to 2.5% Zakat, 1/8 of which must be paid to Mujahideen. Halal cert. fees support terrorism!!!

    Any and every deradicalization schem that does not involve induction of apostasy is an impious fraud.

  2. NOT FUNNY JAN !!! (on any level)

    Come on – enough of this halal contamination Crime
    Come on – enough of this toleration of islam (the intolerant)
    Come on – enough of this toleration of islam Appeasing

    islam appeasers HAVE to be removed from “Authoritive” Positions ….
    • Politicians
    • Politicals
    • Local Government Councillors
    And the islam army of useless idiots “dealt with” ….
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled useless idiot Self Destructs

    The above four Groups (along with the silent Secular Majority) are RESPONSIBLE for islam STILL being in Australia – or for STILL being anywhere anyplace on this earth !!!

    NOW – remove or “remove” the islams !!!!

  3. F&ck the frustrated youth that ‘need’ deradicalization, what a joke.

    I was a frustrated youth, but no one threw millions at me. Now I’m a frustrated adult, pissed off with islam and it’s ignorant, stupid, sicko proponents.

    What the f are these youths frustrated at? Like seriously. What’s the supposed problem? They can call go to hell instead of scamming my nation and taxes.

    Mooseslums – here’s the answer – a finger in your face. Get out of my country scum bags.

    1. Indeed, you Filthy Creatures, get the Fu*k out of Our Judeo-Christian Nations, and take your demented Bullshite with you. We’ve had enough of your Garbage!

      Get Out Now!

  4. Halal certification funds should be used for

    1. Removal of Jihadis from Australia

    2. To compenstate victims of Islamic terrorism

    3. To compensate the tax payer for the numerous security measures that have to be run because of Islamic terrorism.

    If Halal certification money is insufficient to cover the above three, then a special tax on Muslims be levied to cover the extra costs.

  5. One additional item.

    Everyone one in te world has to put with humiliating security measures at airports, as well as havint to turn up some 3 hours before a flight.

    4. All Muslim passengsers on airlines must be made to pay an additional fee, for the inconvenience and humiliation that non-Muslims have to incur.

  6. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird…..

    The video below illustrates quite the opposite of what is happening in Canada.

    In Egypt the Judiciary is being assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood for, as one judge says, “being patriotic” and dealing harshly with treason and sedition and sentencing members of the MB to long prison terms and death.

    However here in Canada and throughout the Western world our Judiciary, largely Leftist/Liberal, is endorsing and supporting the actions of the terrorists and setting them ;oose on our streets.

    A recent example can be found in the release of the unrepentant terrorist and convicted murderer Omar Khadr onto the streets of Edmonton, Alberta by seethingly Leftist/Liberal judges of Alberta’s courts.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all were Alberta’s judges, in a reversal of reasons and motivation, were to suffer a backlash at the hands of patriot Canadians as reward for their treason and judicial activism.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  7. Hello there……..its me again…….Don Laird……

    One; pick up Ann Coulter’s new book “Adios America” and behold the “browning of America”…..

    Two; watch the video link below……….its garbage collection day in Paris…….and they do the equivalent of taking bags of garbage and placing them on the tables of in the living and dining rooms of French homes……..

    How quaint.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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