Denial is the new ‘normal’

Everything is ‘normal’ now. Massmurder in the name of allah is “normal”. The wife of the French head chopper said it: “we are normal Muslims, we do Ramadan…”

Tunisia jihad murderer: “There was no sign he was an extremist, he just looked like a normal young man.”
The Islamic State’s manual How to Survive in the West teaches Muslims “how to live a double-life, how to keep your Secret life private, how to survive in a…


UK’s Cameron: Today’s jihad attacks are “not in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.”
This denial of what the jihad terrorists themselves explain is their guiding ideology, as if they don’t mean what they say or don’t understand their own religion, is…
First British victim of Tunisia beach attack named as 24-year-old Carly Lovett
CARLY LOVETT 24, from Lincolnshire, is thought to have been on a family holiday at the resort where gunmen went on a rampage.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
― Albert Einstein

Tunisia to close down 80 mosques after terror attack

Meanwhile, EUro-dhimmies approve 80 to be built behind enemy lines…..

ISIS claims responsibility for the Tunisian attack that killed 39.
Foreign Policy thinks tweeting photos of gay marriage supporters will defeat the Islamic State
It is much, much more likely that the Islamic State will see the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage as evidence of the U.S.’s decadence and societal…
As World Reacts to ‘Love Wins,’ ISIS Punishes Gay Men in Gruesome Way
As the world reacted — many in celebration — to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage in the United States, ISIS reportedly threw several gay men…THEBLAZE.COM
Islamic jihadists murder four with bombs at Baghdad street markets
Ramadan is in full swing not just in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia, but in Baghdad, less than 100 miles from the domains of the Islamic State. “Bomb attacks kill four…

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