Dutch TV Sabotages Geert Wilders Motoon Show

Cowards. Bloody Cowards!

Dutch politician says TV ‘sabotaged’ Muhammad cartoons
Geert Wilders had intended to air images of Muslim prophet as part of political ad, but broadcaster nixed the video.

Cory Bernardi’s anti-halal crusade unleashes torrent of hate


Written submissions suggest some people are irritated by the food certification but are poorly informed about it, writes Adam Gartrell from the Moonbat Herald. Now what do you think the chances are that Adam Gartrell is better informed than the people he accuses of “hate?”

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders claimed Saturday that the state broadcaster “sabotaged” his planned airing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on television.

“Sabotage by the NOS (broadcaster) everything was confirmed but not broadcast,” Wilders tweeted after a previous party political broadcast about immigration was aired instead of the cartoons.

“I will put the images on YouTube and next time on television even if I have to go to (the studios in) Hilversum,” Wilders said.

Wilders had said Friday that he would show the cartoons in the name of his Freedom Party (PVV) on Saturday morning and again on Wednesday and July 3.

Wilders said he was making the broadcasts to defend freedom of speech after two gunmen were shot dead while attacking a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas last month.

NOS editor in chief Marcel Gelauff tweeted to Wilders that the broadcaster “has nothing to do with party political broadcasts. We do news, sports and current affairs.”

Many Muslims feel drawings of the prophet are disrespectful or outright blasphemous, and Dutch authorities have said such a move could see Wilders’ right to airtime suspended for up to four years.

Dutch Muslims have been steadfastly ignoring Wilders.

That’s a tall claim. Wilders needs 10 bodyguards around the clock to protect him from the soldiers of allah. You can’t just “ignore” that.

Even if the cartoons were broadcast, “absolutely nothing would have happened,” said Aissa Zanzen, spokesman of the Council of Moroccan Mosques in The Netherlands.

The word of a Mohammedan female is worthless.

“Besides, we are busy with our preparations for Ramadan, including making food,” he said.

“He is simply being ignored,” Zanzen told AFP.

Dutch embassies have reportedly been advised on measures to take if the cartoons are broadcast, as they could spark violent protests.

Wilders’ announcement earlier this month that he wanted to show the cartoons on television prompted the Council of Moroccan Mosques in The Netherlands to release its own cartoon mocking Wilders as a spoilt child with a big mouth.

The cartoon shows Wilders shouting “fewer, fewer” in reference to his announcement last year that he would reduce the number of Moroccans in The Netherlands.

Behind the politician is the bomb that he wants to explode in Dutch society, while below the bomb and the hysterical Wilders are normal citizens, including Muslims, getting on with their lives and ignoring the bouffant-hairdoed populist.

“We’re building The Netherlands further,” the cartoon says.

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  1. Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird…

    Here in the West civilized men have a different relationship with their daughters.

    Here in the West we don’t sell toddlers off to grunting, drooling 50 and 60 year old Muslim males who then obey the commandments of the pedophile false prophet and rape and sodomize these same toddlers.

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    Meet little Lea and her father Raphael…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
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  2. Here is an excellent look into madness unfolding in France.

    In France they vigorously oppose dissent that objects to the invasion of infiltrators from Africa and the Middle east.

    Instead they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to embrace the vulgar and cancerous hordes, essentially humanity’s lowest common denominator, essentially vast waves of entitled, shrieking, criminal, parasitic, predatory weaponized human garbage.

    Listen to the politicians speak of the “rights” of this human garbage.

    Listen to the Leftist/Liberal commentators weep about the number of dead on the ocean crossings. The reality is that the more that die at sea, the fatter the sharks and the stronger the message that the parasites should stay exactly where they are. For those that do come close to the shores of Europe they should be treated as aggressors, their actions should be seen as an act of war and they should be met by gun-boats and gun-ships and neutralized.

    How heart warming………how European.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. There are those who bridle at my use of words like “parasites”, “predators” and “human garbage” to describe the waves of infiltrators from the Middle East and Africa, to those I ask……..consider the actions of the infiltrators and be truthful in your assessment and description of that which seeks the decimation of your culture and your country.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      1. I dont bridle at your naming this nasty 1000-armed hydra by a few of the names that describe “it”.

        I applaud you.

  3. What has been the excuse that the Amsterdam Public Network gives for ‘screwing up’ and showing a previous 3 minute party speech?

    The empathetic liberals are as much an enemy as Islam. But it’s not just their sacrifice and harm they seek. It’s all of us.

    1. “What has been the excuse that the Amsterdam Public Network gives for ‘screwing up’ and showing a previous 3 minute party speech?”

      Mark Steyn writes in his forword to Geert Wilders’ book “Marked for Death”:
      “The most tolerant country in Europe” is an increasingly incoherent polity where gays are bashed, uncovered women get jeered in the street, and you can’t do “The Diary of Anne Frank” as your school play lest the Gestapo walk-ons are greeted by audience cries of “SHE’S IN THE ATTIC !”.

      That’s what Geert Wilders (and all the brave counter-jihadists) are up against.

  4. Geert Wilders = Hero
    Cory Bernardi = very brave

    Both shunned by their governments – even the conservative Government of Australia. (Although, looking at France – where patriots envy our border protection policies under Abbott/Scott Morrisson – Australians fare somewhat better…. so far.

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