Erdogan, the Hagia Sophia, the Islamic State & Obama’s “complete strategy”

Erdogan genocide

Unlike historically-challenged Westerners, Muslims fully understand the significance of Hagia Sophia.

Thousands of Turks surround Hagia Sophia every May and call for it to become a mosque—often to Islam’s war-cry, “Allahu Akbar!”

This is not about a “minority of radicals.” In a survey conducted with 401 Turks, more than 97 percent wanted Hagia Sophia to be turned into a functioning mosque. Nor is this about Muslims needing a place to pray. As of 2010, there were 3,000 ac

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Turks Boast of Historic Slaughter and Rape of Christians
Earlier this week a news report unwittingly demonstrated how Turkey—once deemed the most “secularized” Muslim nation—is returning to its Islamic heritage, complete with animosity for the infidel West and…  -FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
In other news:
Google “Erdogan blames election disaster on the jews“– you’ll get about 8,600,000 results…..


IG report: TSA failed to identify 73 workers ‘linked to terrorism’

“According to TSA data, these individuals were employed by major airlines, airport vendors, and other employers. TSA did not identify these individuals through its vetting operations because it is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related categories under current interagency watchlisting policy,” the redacted report reads.

Obama admits still waiting for a “complete strategy” to fight Islamic State


President Obama took heat Monday for admitting he doesn’t yet have a “complete strategy” in hand for training Iraqis to fight the Islamic State—months into the coordinated campaign to defeat the deadly terrorist network. 

“When a finalized plan is presented to me by the Pentagon, then I will share it with the American people,” Obama said, adding, “We don’t yet have a complete strategy.”


It is known by many that Mosques in Australia have been associated with teaching hatred and jihad.

Role of the Mosques in Australia
It is known by many that Mosques in Australia have been associated with teaching hatred and jihad. A so-called Moderate Sheik Shady Suleiman, A Muslim leader has told his students back in 2011 that…

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  1. Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird

    Educate yourselves……

    A very interesting documentary………

    A good way to enjoy a cup of coffee…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    (islam invaders national regional and local invasion HeadQuarters- the building of assisted by Australia’s “authorities”)

    … and STILL Australia’s islam Appeasing “authorities
    … are STILL DOING what islam Appeasing “authorities” around the World are doing

    And in Australia islam Appeasing “authorities” are …

    • Who is assisting islams build SO MANY mosques in Australia !
    (somebody in “authority” is authorising them- and always against the wishes of the locals)
    • Who is assisting islams to reside in Australia – also against the wishes of most Autralians !
    (Our “authorities” are paying any/all islams an unconditional and undeserved and unearned welfare above what any Australian taxpayer is eligible to receive – The Government THEN cries POOR and demands Australians receive LESS !)
    • Who is assisting islams with their “halal contamination (certification)” in Australia !
    (“If we want our exports to grow all the time, this is what we need to do and I think that’s what Australians want,BIG BOY ABBOTT (however – the opposition is EVEN worse) told reporters in Hobart following a visit to a halal-certified meat supplier on Monday.)
    • Who STOPPED the islam BOATS !
    • BUT Who now arilifts islams into Australia !
    (more of them survive this way- “The Green Response” – and Australia also gets to “gift” huge amounts to Indonesia’s military – Our “authorites” then again cry poor !)

    Just who are these Vile Putrid Malevolent (Traitor and/or Seditioner) Deceivers ….
    They are “Our
    • Politicians (“Our” Federal/State/Local Minister)
    • Politicals (“Our” Australian Jurisprudence)
    • Local Government Councillors (“Our” Apprentice Traitors and Seditioners)
    • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Common (the brainless do-gooder-NOT left) Idiot Self Destruct islam Slaves.
    – The Rent-A-Crowds
    – May islam give these fools what these fools beg for !

  3. TSA, Homeland Security spy on hundreds of millions of people in the US and the world, and can barely detect a handful of potential Jihadis. Most of them are never caught untilk the public cattches them in the act.

    This is a direct consequence of Political Correctness and its idiot child – no profiling.

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