7 thoughts on “Facebook Posting From a Muslim”

    (as you well should be – arab islam was/is NEVER about ‘religion’)

    But (FB poster) – thats a step in the right direction !
    AND – VERY Commendable for your part !

    But for the rest of us (Humanity) … just … arab islam reality !
    Just like the rest of arab islam !

    I reiterate …
    An islam can only ever be a ‘male‘ OR ‘female
    (ie – designated by gender)
    An islam can NEVER be a MAN or WOMAN
    (ie – designated by Human Role)

    NOW …
    (By Force if necessary – and it probably will be)
    Remove islam and ALL islams to the 57 OIC Countries !
    Remove ALL 57 OIC Countries from earthly existance !

    allah” heaven will NEVER fix the damage islams have done and continue to do to their souls and spirits !
    (all courtesy of criminal arab islam)

    APOSTASY IS THE ONLY FIX FOR arab islam!!!!!!!

    1. Just a reminder to all the non-arab islams on this earth !

      • ONLY authentic arabs can be an islam …
      (be that called – submitter/islam/muslim/moslem/muhammadan/criminal/jihadi/’whatever’)

      The MAJORITY of you who are non-arab islams …
      • CAN ONLY EVER BE islam SLAVES – of arab islams !
      (the ‘Yokes’ on you – LITERALLY) !!!

      Wakey Wakey !!!
      • Apostasy is a Yoke Remover !!!
      (and self defence against them (arab islam – your oppressors) before they kill you (the oppressed Majority) – is the current best answer – ex-islam defending against islam)

      APOSTATE … and …
      • Become part of Saving Humanity
      • Become (convert/’revert’ to being) Human !!!

    1. The hypocrite, I mean the imam, is in the midst of an afternoon sexual fantasy that runs a cross between a goat, a sheep and a 2 year old toddler screaming in pain and for its life………..you know, the usual Muslim fantasy.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

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