Father who married his 12-year old daughter should not get jail because of Islam

The barrister admits that Islam promotes pedophilia and suggests the father should get off scot-free because he follows Mohammedanism.

This barrister sounds more like a lowlife shyster if he suggests we should apply Islamic law in Australia.  We (still) haven’t submitted to Islam and the law of the land must be enforced. I would even go further and say because the perp is a Mohammedan he should know that under our law he will be severely punished just to set an example for others.

”A NSW father found guilty of procuring his 12-year-old daughter for sex by facilitating her “marriage” could face a tough time in jail because of his Muslim faith, his lawyer has told a Sydney court.”
“The nature of the offence and his faith, and the birth of this offence coming from the Quran … that may cause his time in custody to be onerous.”

”In a judge-alone trial, she found the man had allowed the wedding to happen, allowed his daughter to go to a motel that night to have sex, and had instructed her that it was forbidden for she or her “husband” to use contraception.

He had also hosted them at his house the following weekend, where they had sex on two single mattresses pushed together at the father’s direction.”

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(of a task or responsibility) involving a great deal of effort, trouble, or difficulty.
“he found his duties increasingly onerous”
synonyms: burdensome, heavy, inconvenient, troublesome, awkward, crushing, back-breaking, oppressive; weighty, arduous, strenuous, uphill, difficult, hard, severe, formidable, laborious, Herculean, exhausting, tiring, taxing, demanding, punishing, gruelling, exacting, wearing, stiff, stressful, wearisome, fatiguing; archaictoilsome; rareexigent

7 thoughts on “Father who married his 12-year old daughter should not get jail because of Islam”

  1. Weren’t we informed at the time of the arrests /trials that it had nothing to do with islam – or was that something else that had nothing to do with islam. It’s hard to keep up.

  2. Indeed. Hard to keep up. Funny that you mention it, Mullah. All these things that have nothing to do with Islam are so very Islamic after all….

    1. Here it is … it might be a bit weaselly:

      SMH April 2, 2014
      Rachel Olding and Louise Hall

      [His alleged actions were condemned on Wednesday by the Australian National Imams council.

      Grand Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Salem expressed his shock and said ”that such behaviour is to be rejected and condemned from a legal and ethical prospective”.]

  3. We have to get these mooseslum low lives out of the country. The list is to long to describe why, I’ve simply had enough of hearing about the scum. For a tiny 2% of the population, they sure make a lot of noise – and steal a lot of the tax payers money.

    Time to ban islam from Australia, the locals are friggin fed up with the garbage bags. And the fools in politics and media keep sucking up to the dogs .. treasonous morons the lot of them.

  4. Most Muslims also believe that there is nothing wrong in raping underage Infidel girls.

    In a way they are right, for in an Islamic country it is perfectly legal and common practice. By accepting such Muslim immigrants we give give the impression that such practices are also common in the West, or else common sense would dictate that we wouldnt allow such immigration.

  5. Re: Sharia.

    Allowing foreign laws in your lands means allowing foreign nations to legislate and rule your lands – which is treason.

    Advocating for this, as this ‘lawyer’ does, is SEDITION.

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