France: suspect was “under surveillance” but Sahli had not done anything to warrant an arrest

The wife of the suspected killer has been speaking live on French radio station Europe1.

“We have a normal family life. He goes to work, he comes back. We are normal Muslims. We do Ramadan. We have three children and a normal family. I don’t understand.”

French security services knew the subject Yassin Salhi and his links to terrorism – but did nothing

The French did nothing, and have done nothing to end Muslim immigration. On the contrary the French have been a constant and persistent problem pushing Eurabia while they remain apathetic to the problems their invitation to Muslim immigration have caused to everyone. France has drowned the Eurozone into a financial and security ruin.

The French government should be taken to court to pay damages to the entire Eurozone, and be charged for treason. It is FRANCE that has pushed Muslim immigration onto other countries in their left-wing arguments and policies which has then been adopted by the EU. France’s participation in the spread of Wahhabi terrorism has to be punished.  (The Muslim Issue)

The 35-year-old suspect in the ISIS beheading in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier in Isere has been named. French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve named the suspect as Yassin Sahli, 35, of the city of Lyon, close to where the attack took place. He has been arrested and taken into police custody. On the morning of June 26, it’s believed that Sahli rammed his car into the premises of the Air Products gas plant and beheaded one man while injuring two others. Two flags of ISIS as well as Arabic writing were found close to the crime scene.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In identifying Sahli, Cazeneuve said that the suspect was under surveillance from French anti-terror cops but that Sahli had done anything to warrant an arrest. The minister said that the file had been opened on Sahli in 2006 but was not renewed after 2008. Sahli is linked to the Salafi movement, a Sunni Islamist group, reports Le Monde. According to the New York Daily News,the movement is “the fastest-growing Islamic movement in Europe.”

2. Local reports indicate that the victim of the beheading was a prominent local businessman in the mountain town of Grenoble. President Francois Hollande has described the incident as a “terrorist attack.” Hollande added that he stands in “solidarity in face of terrorism” with Tunisian leader Beji Caid Essebsi after the terror attacks in North Africa which occurred at the same time. Authorities believe that it was Sahli’s plan to blow up the building. Le Monde reports that Sahli suffered head injuries during his apprehension. The paper says he was “neutralized by a firefighter.” Caroline Politi of L’Express tweeted that the full extent of Sahli’s injuries are unknown.

TUNISIA terror attack.

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Muslims eager to kill to please Allah during the holy month…
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3. Local newspaper Le Dauphine Libere reports that Sahli lived in the Lyon suburb of Saint-Priest. He is married with three children. Outside his home, a neighbor told Le Monde “It is not Islam! It is not Islam!” Another neighbor told the paper “It was the hello goodbye, especially with women, we did not see him, he went to work and came home late. Discrete people, we know the view. Their kids played with ours, mundane people … who would have thought?”

4. His wife told the radio station Europe 1, via the Daily Mirror, “I don’t know what happened, have the arrested him? He left for work at seven this morning. He does deliveries. He didn’t come home between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and I was waiting for him. My sister-in-law said ‘put on the TV.’ Then she began to cry. My heart stopped.”

5. A second suspect relating to the beheading has also been arrested. That person is thought to have been a lookout.

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4 thoughts on “France: suspect was “under surveillance” but Sahli had not done anything to warrant an arrest”

  1. had NOT done – correction in your title

    Of course the police did not do anything. The French are scared. When the prime minister (or whatever he is) the other day said that France must strengthen Islam and root it in France,…well, what can you say.

  2. The poor poor poor
    Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful
    (jihadi Practicing) “Defenceless islam” claiming to be “victim” !

    – as the “usual islam perpetrator”/leftist does!

    Truth (You DO NEED to Understand the following “Double Talk”)
    The islam wife of the “suspected” killer …
    “We have a normal (for a non-human islam) family life. ” – (which is NOT “Human Normal”)
    “He goes to work, he comes back. “ – (NEVER employ an islam)
    “We are normal Muslims.” – (ANY Paedophilic islam is NOT GOOD)
    “We do Ramadan. “ – (shows Absolute obedience to Criminal islam)
    “We have three children and a normal (for a non-human islam) family. – (Strewth a WHOLE “family” of islamophobic Putrids)

    … Out of their own mouths
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      There are a lot of the usual suspects (eg. politicians) running around !

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