US Officials Warn of ISIS Attacks on July 4

US Officials Warn of ISIS Attacks on July 4

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 Meanwhile, back in the ME:
Israeli-Arab Poet Marwan Makhoul: Palestinians Living within Israel “Fight the Enemy from Within”
Three videos from MEMRI TV:

Egyptian Imam Abu Mu’adh Al-Dardiri Extols the Pleasures of Paradise: A Man Will Have 100 Virgins in One Morning

Berlin Friday Sermon: Modern Europe Is the Ungrateful Daughter of Islamic civilization

Listen to this if you can stand it.

Transcript below the fold:

During a Friday sermon delivered at Bilal Mosque, Berlin, Imam Abdul Adhim Kamouss said that modern Europe was the “ungrateful daughter” of Islam, from whose womb it was born. According to Kamouss, the scientist Khawaja Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi had refuted the geocentric view of the world, but was “ripped off” by Copernicus, who, he said, had plagiarized Al-Tuti’s pictures and formulas. “Everything is the same [in his book], but with a European twist,” said Kamouss, who delivered the sermon on February 21 in German.


Following are excerpts:


Abdul Adhim Kamouss: Islam belongs to Germany, without a doubt! Islam belongs to France, without a doubt! Islam belongs to Italy, without a doubt! Islam belongs to Europe, without a doubt! Islam belongs to the U.S.A., without a doubt! Islam belongs to Sweden and all the Western countries, without a doubt.

Modern Europe was born from the womb of Islamic civilization. Modern Europe is the daughter of Islamic civilization – but it is an ungrateful daughter, who forgets all the good that her parents have done for her, and beats [her head] against the wall. Unfortunately, modern Europe is an ungrateful daughter, who denies everything – in its education strategies, in its education system, in its universities, and its politics.


Let me tell you, at the beginning of this sermon, that if not for Islamic civilization, modern Europe would never have existed. If not for Islamic civilization, modern Europe would never have arisen.


When Europe stopped its experimental science, it fell into a deep slumber. As they were busy slaughtering one another and living barbarically, the Muslims were really at their peak. When philosophy came to a halt, who held its banner? The Muslims. Muslims have raised this banner, and I don’t want to tell you the names: Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Averroës, and many more. Jabar Ibn Hayan, Ibn Al-Haytham, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Battuta, and so many others.


When people [in Europe] were still saying that the Earth was flat, the scientist Khawaja Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi refuted the geocentric theory – that everything revolves around the Earth, which is the center of the universe. This was a false theory. This man, my brothers, Al-Tusi – some scientists ripped him off. One of the greatest scientists of Europe, Nicolas Copernicus… That Nicolaus incorporated in his book the exact same pictures, formulas, and everything as in Al-Tusi’s book. Everything is the same, but with a European twist. Even the sketches were the same.


Europe would have been nothing. The Tatars would have devoured every living thing. They were a devouring machine. They were strong and fearless. They wanted to conquer the entire world. Europe would have been nothing if not for the Muslims, who stopped the Tatars, so Europe could carry on with its wars.

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  1. These muslims simply lie and lie and lie. Copernicus developed his ideas independently. Incidentally the tables developed by Copernicus replaced those of Khawaja Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi in astronomical prediction work. Other claims about Khawaja Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi made on the internet are also false. However, it is interesting that the claims and arguments raised by the idiot muslim who makes the assertion that Copernicus copied Tusi’s work shows that the idiot muslim has not understood even the simplest of equations in both works!! More proof that demonstrate muslim stupidity and greed!

    Muslim have contributed precisely nothing to humanity – and not even the most base muslim lie will change that simple fact.

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