Fundamental Transformation Part # 7654

Baltimore’s Mayor Seeking $20 Million to Pay for Riots She Helped Incite

A reminder:

“Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the oppressed. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”……Elie Wiesel   | Conservative Byte

Mark Levin – Oppressive Americans Sending Mooch Family On Another Much-Needed Vacation |…
The American taxpayer is buying the White House squatters with an upcoming “working” Obama family vacation. –RICKWELLS.US
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YUP, this is Dearborn, Michigan USA —- Do you INFIDELS have ANYTHING to say??

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Feelings vs brains
Muslims Feared ‘Surge of Islamophobia’ After Paris Terrorist Attacks. New Poll Shows How French Feel
After the deadly January terrorist shootings at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices and a Paris kosher supermarket, multiple reports warned of the “dread” and “fear”…  THEBLAZE.COM
Obama Speaking at the United Nations. Who do you think he supports in Jihadist’s War on Civilization?
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HALF A MILLION refugees amass in Libya in bid to reach Europe
Half a million refugees are massing in Libya to try and flee to Europe on the migrant boats that have killed thousands already, according to senior Royal Navy officers.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
In Europe, it’s full speed ahead:

“Lovely Sunday with the ‘Invaders’ … they are assaulting french people and breaking the law and stealing,–See More

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4 thoughts on “Fundamental Transformation Part # 7654”

  1. Oh great sheik, (bows humbly)
    could you be so kind as to link those fantastic pictures, such as the insult profit ones, so we can link to them for use in other places please, pretty please, with sugar and cherry or strawberry on top, dipped in chocolate sauce.

  2. Latest French PEW poll shows ….
    attitudes toward Muslims have become slightly more positive over the past year.>/i>”

    incredulous ….
    but when it understood that ….
    • The abused ALWAYS
    love” the abuser more than the nurturer !
    • The abused HOPE misdirected “love” will lessen the abuse by the abuser !

    TAKE NOTE !!!
    ALL Secular Countries !

    Get Rid of The islams !!!

    On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf

    1. DO NOT “LOVE” YOUR ABUSER (of any type)

      But MOST of all
      – don’t forget …
      Get Rid of The islam Appeasers !!!
      (islam appeasers are the ones assisting islams invade Secular Countries ! )

      THEN …
      Get Rid of The islams !!!
      … The Wolf is Dead !

      Above All …
      – Love your parents
      – unless they are islams !


    And before we all start weeping and whimpering at my suggestion regarding the verminous and parasitic Muslim and its various guises such as the “migrant”……..perhaps we can shed a tear for the Christians thrown to their deaths by the followers of the “religion of peace”…….

    And the murderers?…..they get a life of comfort and ease and endless appeals in a lavish western prison……when they should get several rounds to the abdominal section where they can die a slow and agonizing death……….and once again……..word will get around.

    I wonder…….when will we get our game faces on and start taking this cancer of Islam seriously?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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