Guardian: Muslims feeling hurt, angry and bewildered…

Australia’s journallie is the most degenerated in the world:

To be Muslim in Australia today is to feel hurt, angry and bewildered – and prime minister Tony Abbott and his rhetorical wrecking ball is partly to blame, writes Gay Alcorn.

Tony Abbott’s rhetoric on Muslims is damaging and dangerous 
The tone of national conversation around Islam and terrorism leaves Muslims feeling hurt, angry and bewildered. What purpose does it serve?–| Gay Alcorn/THEGUARDIAN.COM
Security level raised at Jewish sites in Melbourne
The Community Security Group (CSG) announced today that there is new and current intelligence which indicated that a radicalised person may attack the Melbourne Jewish community. “No particular fac…   JEWISHNEWS.NET.AU

Imagine if Man Horon Monis had survived the Sydney Lindt Café attack and he had killed your family members – would you want to see him released from jail in 20 years?

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie in a speech to the Senate, has called for Australian juries to be given the option of imposing the death sentence on Terrorists who are found guilty of killing during their attacks.
ISIS supporter threaten to share the addresses of soldiers and British politicians

buckingham-masjidAn ISIS supporter has threatened to share the addresses of soldiers and British politicians after a sympathizer of the extremist organization disclosed the home address of conservative blogger and activist Pamela Geller. The Twitter account that posted the latest warning is called Citizen Khilafah—strikingly similar in name to the one that disclosed Geller’s address. The previous account, called…View On WordPress

Nearly half of Britons think we shouldn’t offer shelter to refugees

Because not even one per cent of them are refugees. 

Some 42% said Britain should not take in foreign nationals fleeing conflict or persecution in their own countries – more than a similar survey showed last year–MIRROR.CO.UK|BY DAVID MERCER

8 thoughts on “Guardian: Muslims feeling hurt, angry and bewildered…”

  1. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird

    Here we go again……..the Muslim and its age old tactic of playing the victim card………..have you ever noticed……its always about the Muslim feeling…..its always about the “rights” of the Muslim……….even in the face of over 1400 years of the loathsome insanity and murderous lunacy of a stone-age psychopathy and supremacist political ideology called Islam, we have its proponents, the vulgar Muslim, bleating about its “hurt feelings” for simply exposing the truth about it and its Islam.

    How rich.

    Below is Bridgette Gabriel who serves a whining, whimpering, duplicitous, deceitful and conniving little Muslim its much needed, long overdue serving of truth and reality.

    In short, there is no such thing as a “Good Muslim”, that is a viscous lie and an age old myth.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. On the subject of “race relations” in the West.

    We have had an explosion of “racial incidents” across the United States in which it has been alleged the some hapless “person of colour” has been the victim of a racially motivated attack.

    From Trayvon Martin to the criminal lunacy that unfolded in Ferguson and Baltimore it is alleged the the poor blacks are suffering wave upon wave of hate crimes and oppression and so in return hundreds of millions of dollars in damages arise from self righteous rioting blacks and a judicial system turned into a Kangaroo Kourt by self-loathing White Guilt Junkies and their legions of politically correct minions. And all of this, every single shred of it promoted by the likes of Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, a murderous collection of race hustlers, race-card players and race-pimps every single one.

    The latest installment in this insanity is the stomach turning antics of a lunatic Rachael Dolezal and her schizophrenic sideshow of “identifying” as “black”. Its madness that’s off the charts.

    Now, as in Ferguson and Baltimore a group of blacks, uninvited and non-members, invaded a McKinney Texas pool party and were turned away and in return became violent and disruptive. Video of the melee was shot, the video went viral, the Leftist/Liberal media got involved and the whole episode was turned into a “vicious hate crime” against poor oppressed innocent peaceful loving black teenagers.

    Politically correct human garbage went into overdrive and social media erupted with a blizzard of threats and statements of criminal intent to do the pool party organizers harm that ranged from the raping and killing of their children to burning their homes down. Again, welcome to South Africa, USA Style!!!!

    Now its seems as with the lunacy of Rachael Dolezal one can only be a “Good White” if one has a few Blacks as friends and a few Blacks who have approved of you. Welcome to Club Black.

    In the video below watch one of the the true victims of the McKinney pool party melee, Tracey Carver, weeping, pleading and grovelling in front of her tormenters and her nation and showing the world her membership in Club Black is valid and current and that she has paid her club dues by “Blackening” herself to a level that’s is acceptable by trotting out the “Blacks” she calls friends and family.

    Reminds me of all the politicians, law enforcement agencies and members of the judiciary whose tongues are coated with the fecal matter wrought from bathing the filthy arses of countless whining, demanding and treasonous Muslims, another example of self-loathing Leftist/Liberals paying their dues for entrance into Club Muslim.

    Its sickening.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. And one last point regarding Trayvon Martin and the media circus that buried truth and raise lies to previous unheard of heights of reverence and grovelling White Guilt adulation.

      So…..look for the truth, stop licking the boots of the race-pimps and the self-loathing politically correct White Guilt Junkies.


      Watch the video. Its called “truth”, its very educational.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

        1. You’re welcome…..

          Look for the other segments done by Bill Whittle..

          Don Laird

  3. What purpose does it serve?–| Gay Alcorn …

    The purpose is to get the moosescums to renouce their evil ideology or leave the country.

    We don’t want islam in Australia, or any where in the west.

    Personally I don’t want any religion anywhere in society, but islam is the most dangerous and needs to be removed from our shores.

  4. “Muslims in Australia today is to feel hurt, angry and bewildered”
    Big Fracking deal! They should grow up and stop playing the sympathy card every time something doesn’t go their way or somebody says something that hurts their ever so sensitive feelings. The followers of the paedophile desert prophet should stop playing the “oh poor me, oh poor I” card and try and become members of the 21st century instead of living in the 5th!

  5. arab-islams AND NON-arab-islams MUST move to any of the 57 OIC Countries
    – islams can better feel hurt, angry and bewildered there !!!
    – while having the total freedom to express their repressed anxieties LOCALLY to achieve emotional fulfilment !!!
    (Human Common/Civil Law)
    • This also includes EVERY islam Appeaser !!!
    • A MUST – Every islam is to be STERILISED !!!

    Make it that no place on earth is safe/available for islam’s Submitters to FART @ HEAVEN


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