Jihad means to strive and to improve one’s self, to overcome struggle and to help others improve their lives…

No. It doesn’t mean that at all.  That’s not in the Quran. And no Mohammedan headbanger believes this. But it is this kind of claptrap that slick taqiyya merchants like Dib Jihad sell to cluless journo’s like Mark Coultan from The Australian.

Jihad Dib at NSW Parliament House

New MP Jihad Dib and his former student Omar Sawan outside NSW Parliament House. Picture: Hollie AdamsSource: News Corp Australia

Few MPs would feel it necessary to start their inaugural speeches with an explanation of the meaning of their name. But when your name is Jihad, it is different.

Jihad Dib, the newly elected member for Lakemba in the NSW parliament, says that in his family the tradition is that the first-born son takes the name of his grandfather.

Jihad, he says, is an Arabic word that means to strive and to improve one’s self, to overcome struggle and to help others improve their lives.

“Jihad is charity, jihad is service, and jihad is support of others. It is this meaning of jihad that I want people to know,” he said.

Mr Jihad’s BS should be taken with a grain of salt. Historically, jihad never  meant anything other than expanding the realm of Islam through armed warfare. 270 million victims of jihad did not lose their heads because of charity and service.

The new MP sees his name as an opportunity. If people say, “Hey, there’s a bloke who is a member of parliament who’s called Jihad”, he will be happy. “When I was campaigning I met Jihads who were Christian and ­actually a lady called Jihad. Unfortunately people don’t use that name any more because it’s been absolutely taken over for all the wrong reasons,” he said.

There are no Christians called Jihad. Trust me on that.

Despite being proud of his heritage — and the first Muslim MP in the NSW Legislative Assembly — he doesn’t see himself as “the Muslim MP”, pointing out that his electorate has 150 different ethnic groups.

Before he entered politics, Mr Dib was the principal of Punchbowl Boys High, credited with turning around a school which was on the verge of closure when he arrived.

Former student Omar Sawan, 20, who grew up in a family without a father, said Mr Dib had given him the tools to find his calling in life.

“I can’t thank him enough for it. It’s really uplifting to experience something like that in your life, to have someone there for you,” Mr Sawan said.

He didn’t get the marks he wanted in Year 12, but learned that “in life you don’t always get things you want, so I had to work a bit harder”.

He enrolled in a remedial massage course, got good marks, and is now studying podiatry at the University of Western Sydney, with aspirations to study medicine. “I was the worst student. I gave them trouble, but ­because of that trust in me, I had to give it back,” Mr Sawan said.

Asked for his advice on combating the radicalisation of Muslim youth, Mr Dib replied: “Let’s look at what makes a better ­society. A better society is one that’s engaged. It’s not necessarily a Muslim issue.”

It never is. No Muslim will ever admit that it is entirely a Muslim issue.

A good education system, and a society that provided opportunities after school, was vital, Mr Dib said. “Once people are engaged in things, they find meaning in their own lives. If someone is working, if someone is succeeding, they are building a greater sense of confidence in themselves,” Mr Dib said.

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  1. Hi Sheik,
    Another ridiculous NZ story for you re a young muslim student hoping to go to Japan on a one year homestay study trip. No one in Japan wanted to have him as their house guest!! Too sad. Now his mother is screaming racism and Susan Devoid is getting involved.. Pathetic.
    When Japanese people go anywhere , they do everything to fit in.. They do not screech. ”me not like pork etc etc.”

  2. Even in FRANCE, dhimmy, muslim-boot-licking FRANCE the word “Jihad” as an identifier is not permitted. Some muslim mother sent her young son to primary (I think) school with a T-shirt carrying the inscription “Jihad” on it.
    He was not allowed to wear it.

    This offensive Jihadist above really thinks Australians are as stupid as they appear to be??? WOT !!! Well, perhaps he is right, to allow this Jihad-ist into with his self-explanatory name proves that they are (as stupid).

  3. Hello there………it me again…….Don Laird

    Brigitte Gabriel speaks to the myth of the “Good Muslim”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. This is an older piece from Australia but worth the 10 minute…

      Regards, Don Laird
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