“Kill Every Last [White Man] And Kill All Of Their Families…”

America’s chickens are coming home, to roost. They been saying it for years. Sooner or later they’re going to act on it. Its better to take them out now before this whole thing blows the lid:

Black Panther Leader Tells Charleston Crowd: “Kill Every Last [White Man] And Kill All Of Their Families…”
We can’t fly a damn flag, but he can say THIS??

Breitbart is reporting Black Panther Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz tried to incite the crowd of African Americans to rise up and commit mass murder. He made the comments at a “Save the Black Church” rally held on Tuesday close to the Mother Emanuel AME Church where Dylann Roof allegedly murdered nine people.

He then called on the attendees to finish the mission of killing slave masters.

We say, if he wants to go back to Haiti, we can probably get a crowd-funding campaign going!

In other news:
This creature is revolting, in every sense of the word, eg: disgusting, repelling, rebelling, attacking, etc. And, apart from that, she’s fuggly……
EVER THE VICTIM, Muslims whine about this being “the worst year in America for Muslims since…
 Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim activist supporter of Hamas and sharia law, a representative of an UAE and FBI-designated terrorist group, and other repugnant…SHOEBAT.COM
VIDEO: Muslims want to take over UK and turn Buckingham Palace into a Mosque

Don’t. Leave them there!

The family of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf have not ruled out sending a male relative to Syria to spirit his wife and children back to Australia as their situation becomes increasingly desperate.

Khaled Sharrouf’s in-laws may send family member to rescue wife, children
Khaled Sharrouf’s mother-in-law has launched a large-scale media offensive, begging the government to bring her daughter and five grandchildren home.–SMH.COM.AU
Pregnant widow, 14, of slain Australian jihadi Mohamed Elomar faces jail on return
THE teen jihadi widow believed to be pregnant to infamous terrorist Mohamed Elomar could face criminal charges if she returns home to Australia with her…  M.COURIERMAIL.COM.AU
The Brood of Treason

29E9098400000578-3136285-image-a-6_1435103460988The nice and normal Aussie Granny, Karen Nettleton, who pines for her grandchildren will be disappointed because she will never see them or her daughter again unless she too travels to Syria.

While the mother’s fate is already sealed, Australian security authorities and the media are agonising over what to do with the children when they return, but unfortunately the ISIS already has their fate well and truly pencilled in.

In other news:
By the bloomers of Ann Summers: are feminists really that dumb?
We know what the ‘A’ in A$$hole stands for. And ‘S’ stands for stupid as in Scott.
Not sure what makes this guy a “former Islamist”

Screen-shot-2014-02-02-at-18.15.55A former Islamist links the Left to radical Islam: 

EMMA ALBERICI:  You were only 15 years old. Was that what was attracting you back then to Hizb ut-Tahrir?

RASHAD ALI: Sure. I mean – sure. I think I guess I always explain it as a number of things. First is growing up in – I grew up in Sheffield, which is a city in the North of England and it’s an old industrial city, it was a very left-wing city, so I grew up in an atmosphere which was fairly normally anti-establishment. The difference was I guess I grew up within – coming from a Muslim heritage and a Muslim background. 

Same urge to dominate. Same pleasure in sacrificing the individual to the cause.  Same disdain for freedom and the West.

Just a different horse.