Poland & Hungary Reject Quotas For Invading Mohammedans

Poland to oppose EU asylum seeker quota plans
Poland, its Visegard partners – the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – and Spain will form a joint front against the European Commission’s plan to impose a quota on asylum seekers entering Europe, PM Ewa Kopacz said on a trip to…  THENEWS.PL
Hungary shuts the borders
Hungary rejects EU quota plan for “Mediterranean” immigrants

Annoying language. They are not “mediterranean” and they are not “immigrants”. They are black African savages, soldiers of allah, who come to lay waste to the world.

Seventy-five percent of Hungarians think that migration should be tackled by member states rather than at European Union level, according to a recent survey conducted by think-tank Századvég. Fully, 83% of respondents said they had heard about the system proposed by the EU which would allocate a quota for the number of asylum-seekers to be received by each member state, the survey showed. Sixty-three percent of them, however, disagreed with the planned quota system, 10% was uncertain, whereas 27% supported it, the survey said. (Hungary Today)

Non-Muslims urged to respect holy month

Can you remember any time in recent history when Mohammedans residing in the West were urged to respect our culture?

RIYADH: With Ramadan likely to start on Thursday, non-Muslims have been urged to respect the holy month and abstain from eating, drinking and smoking in public.—WWW.ARABNEWS.COM
 ISIS Terrorists Using Chaotic Libya as ‘Entry Point’ to the West
Earlier this week, President Obama authorized up to 450 additional U.S. troops to deploy to Iraq, to help local security forces in the fight against ISIS there.–FOXNEWS.COM

3 thoughts on “Poland & Hungary Reject Quotas For Invading Mohammedans”

  1. Glad to see the Poles etc sticking up for their own people against the leftist traitors in the EUSSR and refusing muslim invaders.

    Too bad their “pope” is Submitting to islam.

    1. Agree – however as regards the Pope one should not be surprised – the man has always worked toward promoting socialism – and the difference between islam and socialoism is, in some respects, not so large.

  2. Fols,
    since ramadadong is about to start why not eat a ham sanwich in fromt of a muzz during this period.

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