Rotherham bans protests against Muslim grooming gangs…..

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In the face of a national scandal revolving around Muslim rape gangs, the UK police counsel…surrender. More dhimmitude from Abject Britannia: “UK Police Tell…  JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
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“He doesn’t need help,” she added. “Nothing is wrong with him.”–More everything is normal, nothing to see at Gothamist thanks to Mullah, pbuh

ROTHERHAM, the British ‘mecca’ for Muslim paedophile rape gangs, which target pre-pubescent and teenage white Christian girls, wants protests against them banned!

Frequent marches, demonstrations, and protests against the Rotherham Muslim sex gang and prostitution ring scandal are having an ‘unacceptable financial and emotional impact’ on people in the town, a council commissioner has warned, demanding that the protests be banned under the Public Order Act 1986.


The Star  The council first came to national prominence when its social services worked together with elements of the police to spectacularly fail to detect the systematic grooming, rape and prostitution of over 1,400 vulnerable children. The victims were often in the care of the council children’s services and “as young as 12″, and “barely pubescent”. — Barenaked Islam has the story…