Lets celebrate Mohammedan savagery!

UK Muslim Organizations Accuse Government of Islamophobia

# Hardly a day goes by without muslims somewhere accusing someone of being fearful of their evil, antichrist religion – hardly a day goes by without someone somewhere losing his head at the hands of allah’s little helpers.– | News | teleSUR English

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Half of Britons do not think (Muslim) “refugees” should be welcomed into the UK
E013_IslamSolutionIt’s time we celebrated the role British Muslims play as part of the solution rather than demonising the Muslim community as part of the problem.

– Jehangir Malik, Islamic Relief’s UK director …

More on the demonic religion and its baggage at ITV News (Mullah)

Gratitude is not in the Quran
PLATELL’S PEOPLE:The most ungrateful migrant in the world
South London’s leafy district of Kennington is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. In this quiet area famous for its Georgian architecture, the average house price is…

Der türkisch-islamische Völkermord an den christlichen Armeniern weist erstaunliche Parallelen zu den Grausamkeiten des Islamischen Staates im Irak und in Syrien auf. Könnte es etwa sein, dass sich diese Moslems damals wie heute alle an ihr “göttliches” Befehlsbuch gerichtet haben?

Wally: the turd that won’t flush

13 JUNE 2015 – Waleed Aly (Muslim taqiyya artiste extraordinaire) Has Directly Called On Tony Abbott To Confirm Or Deny That Australia’s Paid People…
“Just as it would be difficult to pinpoint an individual sting when hysterically engulfed in a swarm of enraged hornets, it’s also pretty hard to keep up with the news about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers these days. Spoilers: things aren’t getting any better.
…….But last night on The Project, Waleed Aly called ab

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Waleed Aly Has Directly Called On Tony Abbott To Confirm Or Deny That Australia’s Paid People…
“You don’t get to do this in a democracy … you need to tell us.”


Michael Stürzenberger

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 They always did and always will:
UN peacekeepers ‘barter goods for sex’
The UN currently has about 125,000 peacekeepers deployed around the world UN peacekeepers regularly barter goods for sex with people in the countries the world body is meant to be helping, a draft UN report says.
It’s like braving a WAR ZONE: British truckers demand France CONTROL Calais migrant crisis
FRANCE was today accused of failing to properly police Calais amid the worsening migrant crisis as British truckers claim they have to brave a daily “war zone” just…
ISIS tweets “#GoForth” and Kill Pamela Geller
Hours after a 3rd man was arrested in Boston for plotting to kill Pamela Geller, an account associated with a jihadist “kingpin” tweeted her private New York address and urged followers to #GoForth and kill her. The ISIS threat The Twitter account…

5 thoughts on “Lets celebrate Mohammedan savagery!”

  1. Reality Check
    islamophobia (a partly Apostacy Based Fear) is how islams (non-humans) experience islam !!
    (ie – Conform or you will be punished in one of many methods made recommended to us by -islams false god- “allah“)

    islamonausea (just SO sick of islam and its islams) is how Humans experiece islam !!
    (ie. islams – Piss off and kill each other to the last islam)

    1. Wally: the turd that won’t flush ….
      Most Democratic Humans in Australia possess a toilet brush WALLY (and your equally Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful non-humans (islams) … Susan Carland and the “off”-spring)

      Australia’s Humans will be more than happy to give you and yours (this includes ALL the inbred islams in Australia) the help and assistance you ALL require to go down the crapper !!!

    2. To Australia’s islam Appeasing Businesses AND Citizens …
      Australian’s (and the rest of Civilised Humanity) do not require need OR WANT…
      · islam based religious TV programs polluting earth’s air waves !
      (eg – Main City Community TV stations broadcasting islam’s “religious” rubbish – even once a week is to much !)
      · vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islams purposely deceitfully and maliciously misrepresenting islam to Civilised Humanity – ANYWHERE !
      (eg – islam shiite WALLY being helped and assisted in acts of TREASON AND SEDITION against Australia by owners and managers of channel 10 and other Australian News businesses and multiple Government Agencies)
      · halal contamination (certification)
      · any mosques anywhere !
      · ANY islams anywhere !

    3. The Complete Truckload of WALLY’s are also being helped and assisted in acts of TREASON AND SEDITION against Australia also by Tertiary Education Faculties – there is just no end to it all !!!

      australian” islam Appeaser (TRAITOR and SEDITIONER) Idiot Slaves have absolutely no shame about the CRIMES they are actually guilty of – or care about the personal result to them of their actions !
      They appear to have no concept that the future they are creating for themselves by their actions will make then the “victims” of islam – with no one to assist them survive !!!

  2. “You don’t get to do this in a democracy. When the allegations are this serious, you don’t get to choose if you tell us or not. You don’t get to give my money to evil people and then refuse even to discuss it. Hypothetical or not.”

    Wally, this is EXACTLY what I’d like to hear you demand when you interview the head of Halal Australia. When’s that interview going to happen again?
    What??? You say you’re not going to be doing it at all?
    On what grounds?? What do you mean ‘Islamic security – operational reasons’ ?

    In the meantime, the government can make the best use possible of MY tax money by ramming it home that hordes of your co-religionists are not welcome in my country.

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