The “loyal Muslims of France” demand handover of 5000 churches

The latest euphemism for black African and Arab invaders is “Mediterranean”. It is adding insult to injury that they are no longer called ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum seekers’, but just ‘migrants’.  For Mohammedans, al hijra, or migration, is an obligation. It is what Muhammad did when he left Mecca and fled to Medina to build his first mosque. A few years later, he murdered  all the friendly Jews who helped him settle there.

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France: Muselmaniacs demand handover of 5000 churches
It’s not the first time the lack of places of worship for millions of Muslims has been brought up in France. In April, Boubakeur called for doubling the number of mosques.
'Turn France's empty churches into mosques'

Muslims pray in a street in Paris in 2011 due to to a lack of capacity in the city’s mosques. Photo: AFP
‘Turn France’s empty churches into mosques’

The question of the role of Islam in France is up for discussion on Monday as the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and members of his government held a conference with around 150 Muslim leaders.

Here’s another gem from that article:

Another sensitive subject on the agenda is the question of security around Muslim places of worship.

The number of Islamophobic attacks has soared in France since the terror attacks with Muslim groups recording a six-fold increase since January.

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“It’s the same God, these are neighboring rites, fraternal, and I think that Muslims and Christians can coexist and live together,”--Dalil Boubakeur

France’s top Muslim official has suggested turning empty or abandoned Catholic churches into mosques, saying as many as 5,000 are needed for the country’s Muslim population – the largest in Europe.

“It’s a delicate issue, but why not?” Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris and the president of the French Council of Muslim Faith, told Europe 1 radio on Monday.

There are currently about 2,500 mosques in France with another 300 under construction, but the number falls short of what is needed, he said. With roughly 5 million Muslims in France, at least 5,000 mosques are needed, Boubakeur said.

During the interview with French radio he gave an example of the transition of a church into a mosque in Clermont-Ferrand, which was welcomed by the local religious community. The church had been abandoned for more than 30 years and the building was given to the Muslim community in 2012.

“It’s the same God, these are neighboring rites, fraternal, and I think that Muslims and Christians can coexist and live together,” he said.

It’s not the first time the lack of places of worship for millions of Muslims has been brought up in France. In April, Boubakeur called for doubling the number of mosques.

His remarks were welcomed by the Christian community as a “legitimate” demand.

“Muslims should, like Christians and Jews, be able to practice their religion,” Monseigneur Ribadeau-Dumas, spokesperson for the Bishops’ Conference of France, told French radio station Europe 1.

However, this suggestion has been criticized by the far-right National Front party. In April, Florian Philippot, its vice-president, argued France doesn’t need more, because “100 percent of places of radicalization are mosques.”

The party’s leader Marine Le Pen called to stop the construction of new mosques in March.

We must today freeze the construction of new mosques while we verify the origin of their financing,” she said in an interview to France 24.

The question of building closer ties with the Muslim community was discussed at the talks between the French government and about 150 Muslim leaders in Paris on Monday.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stressed there was no link between extremism and Islam.

“We must say all of this is not Islam,” he said. “The hate speech, anti-Semitism that hides behind anti-Zionism and hate for Israel… the self-proclaimed imams in our neighborhoods and our prisons who are promoting violence and terrorism…

“Islam still provokes misunderstandings, prejudices, and is rejected by some citizens,” he added. “Yet Islam is here to stay in France. It’s the second largest religious group in our country.”

The first conference between the government and Muslim community leaders comes five months after the Charlie Hebdo and kosher store jihadist attacks in Paris that killed 17 people.

The terrorists responsible for the attacks “belong to a different world than we do,” said Boubakeur, speaking at the conference.

There has been a huge increase in anti-Muslim incidents in France following the Islamist attacks in Paris. A report issued in January by the National Observatory Against Islamophobia said that over the month there has been an 110-percent increase in attacks.

Here, from an informed reader:

Let them build their own mosques with their own money. Preferably in a muslim country.

Is the future of France the same as the past of Iran?

“Muslim techniques of forced conversions to Islam

Either a few Moslems settled on the outskirts of a Zoroastrian village, or one or two Zoroastrian families adopted Islam. Once the dominant faith had made a breach, it pressed in remorselessly, like a rising tide. More Muslims came, and soon a small mosque was built, which attracted yet others. As long as Zoroastrians remained in the majority, their lives were tolerable; but once the Moslems became the more numerous, a petty but pervasive harassment was apt to develop.

This was partly verbal, with taunts about fire-worship, and comments on how few Zoroastrians there were in the world, and how many Moslems, who must therefore posses the truth; and also on how many material advantages lay with Islam. (As we hear time and time again today that “Islam is the World’s fastest growing religion”). The harassment of the Zoroastrians. was often also physical; boys fought, and gangs of youth waylaid and bullied individual Zoroastrians”

Source: History of Jihad against the Zoroastrians of Iran (634-651)

10 thoughts on “The “loyal Muslims of France” demand handover of 5000 churches”

  1. ‘It’s the same god’ he proclaims.

    Yep, it’s the same piece of fiction and delusion the world over, in all religions.

    All gods are fiction. All religious texts are simply dogma, written by one group of men to control another.

    All religions are fruitcake land – the world needs to purge all these delusional fantasies and face reality.

    Start with islam, piss it off from the western world, then purge the rest.

      1. The reality of not following fiction.

        The reality of science. Of proving that something exists and not abiding by unprovable , subjective, dogma.

        The words of a man does not make something truth. Just because the words ‘god’ etc are repeated ad nauseum it can never make something a fact, without some tangible, objective piece of evidence. And there is no proof of a ‘god’. There is zero evidence, other than mans rantings, that there is a god or heaven. Zero, zilch, nothing. That’s the reality. That’s what I’m talking about.

        As for Mao or whoever, they are some what right. I don’t expect to rip religion from humanity by force, but it has to go – its the ‘flat earth’ thinking of the current era and will be laughed at by future generations – just as we laugh at flat earth thinking today.

        There you go, some reality for you, not so hard to recognize hey?

        1. “There you go, some reality for you, not so hard to recognize hey?”

          Just a bunch of opinions really. The problem people have in discussing these sorts of subjects is with their definitions. Buddhists would call it Self . You don’t disagree you have a self do you? Yogis would call it consciousness – again – you don’t disagree you have consciousness – despite the fact that no one else can see it.

          As far as proof of anything goes, there’s zero proof of dark matter and dark energy even though it comprises 70% plus of the known universe . What’s your take on that?

          “..Of proving that something exists “
          Superstrings can never be proven to exist because instrumentation can never be built to see below the Planck length. Some very fundamental things simply cannot be seen.

          Live and let live is a good ethic . Islam is completely against that – that’s why we react to it. But apart from that what are you against exactly – people having a way of understanding the universe they are in that doesn’t tally with your own?
          I’m happy to meet happy Buddhists, glad that Jews and Christians put in countless hour to help unfortunate people in society. Would you rather that people were happy (but according to you – deluded) ? Or miserable and living their lives according to your current interpretation of ‘reality’ (which is all it can ever be).

          People’s views are malleable and naturally change as new information comes to hand and life experience teaches what was previously believed to have been true is no longer true or only part of a bigger picture. It’s a process and unique to each person. Trying to constrain it in any way is like herding cats.

  2. “Self-proclaimed”: this is a clever way of discounting what the imams are saying – pretending they have no training.

  3. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is terrified. He looks around and sees what his govt has done. Betrayed the French. Total betrayal. Now he wants to cover it up, at least until he can retire and get his pension. Besides all the peasants will have to deal with the Muslim invaders face to face, he will be behind gates, enjoying the good life. such evil.

  4. Not enough mosques? Go to Iran or another similar deadbeat muslim country. Plenty of mosques there, I hear…

  5. Science and God go hand in hand. Just because people are blind to self understanding doesn’t give anyone the right to provoke unbelief. Example. We see a car we know without a doubt someone built it. We don’t need to see the company or the builders we know. Same wirh anything that’s been built. When someone says there is no proof it’s because they will not take a deep look into the facts of the human body. And they can’t use theories cause all of them have too many flaws gaps and the chances of anything just coming together is as about as stupid as a person can get. Its like putting a bunch of metal together and waiting for millions of years to come back to a really nice running automobile. Never gonna happen and yet these self proclaimed SMART people say that that’s how everything came about. Now that’s about stupid.

    1. And Islam is a threat to all people and nations . It is a religion of destruction. Hate and takes people to a life of twisted immorality.

  6. Re: “the far-right National Front party. In April, Florian Philippot, its vice-president, argued France doesn’t need more, because “100 percent of places of radicalization are mosques.””


    No holy mobster “muslim” has to become “radicalized” in order to turn to violence against any random non-muslim.

    The existence of islam incites muslims to violence.


    That’s the Qur’an’s whole basis:
    “Those Who Disbelieve Must Be Murdered For Their Disbelief.”

    Simple disbelief in islam is, to them, “slandering” Muhammad, because the disbelievers (“infidels”) thereby imply they DO believe Moe to have been mistaken, insane, an evil liar, or all of the above!

    So all the non-muslims in the world have been sentenced to “Death By Muslim” for their “crime” of not being muslims them selves!

    “If you don’t think and act the same as us, we will murder you!”


    And it implicitly shows what “thinking and acting the same as us” is, to all muslims:

    “To be a criminal who pretends he has the holy right to murder any and all other people for not being murderous criminals like us!”

    They follow Muhammad’s “Perfect Example.”

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