Vehicle Jihad in Graz, Austria: 3 Dead, 50 Injured

BREAKING NEWS: Three dead and 50 injured after (Musel-)man’s deadly rampage using a car and a knife
Police have reportedly arrested a 26-year-old (Musel-)man.
Not for the first time:

A speeding car ploughed head-on into a group of cyclists in southern Italy yesterday morning, killing eight of them, officials said. 

The driver had been smoking marijuana, police said. Visibility was good at the time, reports said.

Bent, mangled bikes were strewn about the scene, and the sheet-draped corpses dotted the two-lane road near Lamezia Terme, in the Calabrian ‘toe’ of boot-shaped Italy where the accident occurred.

10 thoughts on “Vehicle Jihad in Graz, Austria: 3 Dead, 50 Injured”

  1. Hello there……its me again……….Don Laird

    I scanned the usual suspects in Mainstream Media, you know, NBC, ABC, CBC, BBC and the Leftists in the blogoshpere……….and not one mention of the fact that this was a Muslim………not one whisper………business as usual.

    Let me quote from another post I made…….

    “Regardless of positions of influence, regardless of place of birth, regardless of the family’s history of previous generations of citizens…….ALL MUSLIMS MUST GO!!!

    There are coffee shops and wine and cheese parties filled with the tediously enlightened, the grotesquely “academic”, the sneering intelligentsia, little more than a revolting collection of the dull-witted and criminally liberal who know what we are facing but still they dither, still they haughtily dismiss calls for deportation as “radical”, and yet still Islam advances, still Islam moves forward and slowly, bit by bit, Islam chews its way into their lives, destroying their culture, destroying their heritage and destroying the very democracy they claim to hold so dear and, vacuous and dithering, all they can do is burden themselves with a decision no more troublesome than choosing between cheddar or Gouda.

    As a nation, Islam is the elephant in the room that we ignore to our considerable detriment and this elephant is not shy about making its presence known. It has trampled the furniture and we ignore it, it has vacated its bowels painting every wall with a fecal soup and still we ignore it, it has murdered and maimed us and still, ever the cowards, all we can do is, apologetically and politely, hold aside the pachyderm’s pendulous testicular sack and, peeking through its legs whilst sipping English Breakfast with pinkies extended, make polite inquiries of our fellows as to their opinion on the latest floral pattern rolled out by the boys at Royal Doulton.

    We are a nation of Neroesque fools, fiddlesome idiots quarrelling over hors d’oeuvres and, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,…..the strains of our lunacy reminds me of a line from the poem “Locksley Hall” by Alfred Lord Tennyson…… wit:
    “Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher, Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire.”
    Ladies and Gentlemen we are the sleepy one, drifting off as the fires of Western civilization burn down to little more than embers of sullen indifference, and I hope, in my heart of hearts, that the poets and singers of song, that the writers of tomes historical a thousand years hence, when they rise against the unbearable boot heel of Islamic fascism draw us for who we really are: a nation of ungrateful treasonous cowards who let slip from our hands the toil of patriots and true citizens of what was once, the greatest country and republic in the history of Mankind.

    Oh how richly we deserve ourselves, and tragically, how our children do not, oh how worthy of the contempt of God himself.

    So, my friends, you and I know it, the vast majority of Canadians and Americans know it, that sooner or later this will come to blood and so it should, so it should.

    But, on the backs of our timidity and frailty, if it does not, and we continue to tread this ruinous path and the boot-heel of Islamic masters slowly crushes our miserable spineless necks into the dust of obscurity and servitude, then my friends, we will deserve it, every agonizing, miserable, humiliating and injurious minute of it.

    Then, as said, above, our generations that will follow, our wives and daughters so failed and miserably dependant on our manhood, our wives and daughters, their lives an agony of humiliation and degradation, their lives an agony of rape and murder, our wives and daughters made whores in Muslim brothels.

    And what of our sons? Our sons, looking to their fathers and finding only cowards and traitors, our sons, emasculated whelps, our sons made sodomized, grovelling lapdogs to Muslims, all, each and every son and daughter, one born into Muslim slavery and abject misery, they will not deserve it and they will righteously hate us more than their Muslim tormentors and masters for our cowardice and treachery.

    So listen closely Western Civilization; for in our abdication of our responsibilities as the children of the founding fathers of our nations, those men of vision, those men of courage of conviction, men with incredible depth of character and resolve, men far greater than we, in our willingness to smear the steaming excrement of Muslims on those gifts given us by those great men, can be heard the ringing hammer blows that are forging the shackles to be worn by countless generations hence.

    In closing my friends, I end as I began.

    We, each and every one of us, deserve everything we get……everything.

    Now, where did I put the brandy?

    Regards, Don “Passionate about Pachyderms and Porcelain” Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. No name mentioned in the 21st century media always translates that a Muslim was involved or the perpetrator of any type of attack in the West.

    1. If the person was White, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

      But as there is no name – it has to be a Muslim, specially so as the man got out of the car, and started stabbing the victims.

      The MSM , specially the BBC, is now beneath contempt.

  3. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird…….

    Seems they are getting very sick of the filth, the savagery, the perversion and the barbarity of the vulgar Muslim and its poisonous Islam…..

    A large march in Slovakia, today June 20, 2015……..

    I see mass deportations and burning mosques across Europe in the weeks and months to come……and I couldn’t be happier.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. I posed a link to this yesterday – the driver is a 26 year old Bosnian – that is is a muslim is suspected but not confirmed.

    1. Yes, he is a Bosnian Muslim with a long rap sheet. The authorities are most concerned to make it look like a “lone wolf” affair and have already made it clear that he was “paranoid”.

  5. Whoa! somehow, some of the media reports are leaving out that he got out and stabbed people on top of using his automobile as a weapon to kill people.

    You are right Sheik, the media are stressing just how distressed he was over a breakup.

    1. @Hill…..

      When it looks like Jihad, when it smells like Jihad, when it talks like Jihad, when it walks like Jihad……….it is Jihad.

      Plain and simple.

      It just that we are being misled by our law enforcement agencies, by our politicians, by the judiciary and always by our Media. They, each and every one of them, all of them, are little more than the bitch whelp handmaidens of the filthy Muslim, blindly and eagerly doing its bidding.

      Never forget that.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  6. Until the “progressive” left realizes that this wolf will also consume them, despite their attempts at appeasement, we are all in for a shitload of trouble. Don’t just stop the incoming waves, reverse them. If they contribute nothing, send them back.

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