What could be worserer than a dead lion?

Google ‘Cecil the lion’ – there are 45 000 500 000 blog entries. Now that he’s dead, the media wants you to hate dentists. The average lifespan of a lion in the wild is 13 years. Cecil was 13. In a zoo he might have lived to 20.


The lame stream media wants you to be outraged. Tim Blair and his commenters put it in perspective:

Typical Fairfax, always siding with the critters. And now even polarizing the animal kingdom.

Enough of this. They should just listen to Obama. Africa’s biggest challenge is gay rights.

The king of the jungle is dead, hoorah for the African queens.

Imagine the outcry if Cecil was gay.

There’s more. Check it out, its fun!


Just to put it in perspective, Tim Blair inserts some more morsels of wisdom. And yes, do read the comments, the humour bites:

Robert Mugabe isn’t a Minnesota dentist, otherwise he might have been in big trouble back in March:

Robert Mugabe isn’t known for his subdued taste, and his million-dollar birthday was just as extravagant as people have come to expect …

His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloestwo sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as an extra gift for Mugabe. On top of this, 40 cows were offered to the president by two members of his government. A second elephant is going to be shot and given to the Victoria Falls community.

For the sake of Twitter’s Cecil-concerned community, let’s hope that none of these creatures had names.

“We servants of Allah will destroy the unbelievers in the land of hate”

British military wives get threatening letters from jihadists

“We the servants of Allah intend to avenge our peoples by destroying the families of unbelievers in the land of hate. “–  outrageous threats against the people who took them in, gave them free housing, healthcare, schooling and welfare, —Pravda.Ru thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Keysar mingles with ‘the criminal dregs of white society’

Keysar used to be the spokesturd for Australia’s ‘catmeat’ sheik Hilali.

r0_0_486_380_w1200_h678_fmaxKeysar Trad from the Australian Islamic Friendship Association and Sheikh Mohommad Trad, founder of Islamhub.com.au from Sydney, also mingled with the 80 guests on the night.

Illawarra People For Peace co-chair Gary Ismail said the association considered interfaith Iftars a way of celebrating the success of Australian multiculturalism through a common need for peace.

Multiculti failed wherever its been tried, just like socialism. And yet the scribblers from the lame stream media sing its praises as if their lives (jobs?) depend on it. Funny that. (SY)

Koranimals feel ‘under siege’  thanks to ‘prayer room’ audit

By Rachel Olding, expert scribbler on Islamic subjects.

On Tuesday, Premier Mike Baird announced an audit into all voluntary prayer groups in NSW public schools, most of which are run by students or outside volunteers.

Prominent Muslim leader Keysar Trad has a reflective moment in the prayer room of the mosque in the Sydney suburb of Arncliffe. Picture: David Moir

It was a quick-fire response to revelations that counterterrorism police were investigating a 17-year-old student from Epping Boys High who was allegedly preaching extremist interpretations of Islam during lunchtime sessions.

“… pushy fundamentalist Christian groups (got a)  free rein in NSW public schools…”–Greens MP John Kaye.

“It just feels like a targeted thing and everything will come under scrutiny,” said Sheikh Wesam Charkawi​, who works with high school students across western Sydney. “It just keeps happening over and over.”

It would be dangerous to shut down prayer groups or over-regulate them, he said.

“You’re talking about young men who already feel isolated and besieged in a community. There needs to be space where they can talk about it.”–The story Launch of audit reveals government’s ignorance about school prayer groups first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.


UK: Muslim schools accused of “anti-Christian chanting” 

UK school-405x250

That’s not “anti-Christian chanting,” that’s Islamic prayer.

The Brits have laid down, surrendered without so much as a shot fired. After little was done after the blockbuster revelations came about “Operation Trojan Horse,” did anyone think that the Brits would do anything except flap their fleshy tongues?

“Operation Trojan Horse,” an Islamic conspiracy to take over a number of public schools and make them adhere to Islamic principles, rocked the United Kingdom. There was outcry! Sturm and drang! Finger-pointing! And promises of a massive overhaul, but like the epidemic of Muslim child sex trafficking gangs, little came of it. If the Brits wouldn’t save their own daughters and sisters (the mothers of the next generation, the future of their nation), it’s fair to say they  are doomed.

They have lost their soul and their will to freedom.

– See more at: Pamela Geller

Their children will murder our children, part #24580

Captured young boys given BEHEADING lessons in ISIS-run schools

Why would that surprise anyone? That’s Islam. That is what Islam teaches. They also teach their young to murder your children right here in Australia:

MILITANTS from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terror group are teaching youngsters how to carry out BEHEADINGS amid their other lessons, it has been revealed. (Express UK)

If we couldn’t shoot they would get angry and beat us. They told us we were ISIS fighters and had to learn Captured boy

ISIS captured children are being forced to watch beheadings videos

In a shocking insight into the lives of youngsters who are taken from their families to be indoctrinated into the jihadists’ extreme ideology, escapees have told of how they were dressed like militants and given guns.

Taha, a 13-year-old Yazidi boy who managed to escape a ISIS training camp, described how jihadis “taught us the best way to cut a head off and where we should aim on the neck”.

ISIS militants arrived in his home town of Kocho in Iraq last August. Men were shot dead while women and girls were taken as sex slaves.

Boys were taken to the ISIS stronghold of Tel Afar, northwestern Iraq, where they were trained as fighters.

Taha said children were shown videos of beheadings and made to act out decapitations on each other.

He managed to escape in April when, after being allowed out to visit his family, they all slipped out to a Kurdish-controlled region.


Using dolls to teach children how to behead infidels….

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Sweden, the “humanitarian super power” needs help… (or something)


Escalating Moslem violence shakes Sweden
Sweden: Malmo police seek help to stop Muslim violence as thirtieth explosive rock town this year
Ask for help?? What help? Gun them down! Demand deportation of Muslims and an end to Muslim immigration. How thick are these people. Malmö police chief Stefan…
Sweden falling apart: 30 grenates in half a year in Malmö alone, surging crime rates, and rapes…
As the Swedis (sic) celebrates itself by calling the former Viking land a “humanitarian super power” for letting in houndreds of thousands of Muslims within a handful of years, the country is falling apart. Recently there were four grenate explosions in Malmö, Swedens third largest city and famous for its…
And the UK is also falling for this humanitarian nonsense
BREAKING: Rioting gang of Calais migrants MADE IT to Britain through Channel Tunnel
AN UNDISCLOSED number of Calais migrants reached Britain by sneaking through the Channel Tunnel, the Home Secretary has revealed.—EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY TOM BATCHELOR
Did I say falling?
Now David Cameron says Britain will ALWAYS pick up the bill for migrant security in Calais
DAVID Cameron has said that Britain will “always” cover the cost of security measures in Calais as the migrant crisis continues to escalate.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY TOM PARFITT

Is Mullah Omar really dead?

Some intelligence, that:

Afghan Officials: Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Is Dead …

…and  these “Afghan officials” tell us that two years later. Pull my other leg!

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar is dead, Afghan officials and a person close to the terrorist group reportedly say.

Abdul Hassib Seddiqi, the spokesman for the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency, confirmed the Taliban leader’s death to The Associated Press (AP), saying he died in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan back in April 2013.

“His death raises questions about who will lead the movement that allied with al Qaeda, fought a war with the U.S. and is now divided over whether to pursue an elusive peace deal with Afghanistan’s new government,” reports The Wall Street Journal from the Afghan capital, Kabul.

“A spokesman for the Taliban couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Wednesday, and it remains unclear when and how Mullah Omar died,” it continues. “An Afghan official briefed on the matter said the Pakistani government informed Kabul he had died two years ago.”–more here

ISIS Plans Massive Attack in India and Provoke ‘End of the World’ – “Armageddon”,  ‘apocalyptic confrontation’ …
ISIS Plans Massive Attack in India and Provoke ‘End of the World’ – “Armageddon”, ‘apocalyptic confrontation’ with America ByPamela Geller on July 29, 2015 Global…  PAMELAGELLER.COM
Just a reminder:
 ‘Global warming the greatest scam in history’ claims founder of Weather Channel
THE debate about climate change is finished – because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the world’s best known climate change sceptic has…EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY JASON TAYLOR

Motoon expo in Londonistan makes Mustards and Guardianistas spin wild tales

“Far-right Gates of Vienna website” is also promoting upcoming London exhibition of Muhammad cartoons which it is feared is intended to incite Islamist violence

Wow. That’s a mouth full.  Not Mohammedan assassins cause the problem, “it is feared” that cartoonists make them do it, otherwise the soldiers of allah would be peaceful. Practice self censorship, infidels, then we don’t have to slaughter you now, we will kill you later in your sleep. (SY)

Imran Hussain
 Imran Hussain, one of six Labour MPs calling for action to be taken ‘if anyone involved [in the website] is deemed to be promoting terrorism and civil disorder’. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

A group of MPs have called for an investigation into a far-right website described as a training manual for anti-Muslim paramilitaries – amid fears that an upcoming exhibition of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in London is designed to incite Islamist violence.

The Gates of Vienna website has been heavily promoting the exhibition, which is understood to feature the same drawings shown in Texas in May when two gunmen attempted to storm the event and were killed by police.

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“Extremist Ideology” which has nothing to do with Islam must not be named…

Principals ‘not best to spot extremism’

The mental acrobatics of the journallie are only matched by the lies of our politclowns. The government did not fail, Mohammedanism that failed us:


Students sit during a talk

The NSW government is expected to announce an audit of prayer groups across the school system. Source: AAP

A MUSLIM community spokeswoman has accused the government of failing to consult and reacting to headlines after Premier Mike Baird announced an audit of school prayer groups.

THE audit of the state’s public schools comes after allegations from counter-terrorism police that a 17-year-old had been preaching extremist ideology at Sydney’s Epping Boys High School.

Australian Muslim Women’s Association spokeswoman Silma Ihram, who is also a former school principal, said the government had failed to consult with the appropriate community groups.

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Migration of misery is everyone’s problem

No it isn’t. It never was and it shouldn’t be. It is a total failure by those who are sworn to protect us. There is no historical precedent for this.  Who  encouraged the third world to invade us? Who’s idea was it, who are the people who behind this population exchange and what is in it for them? Who in his right mind would sell his birthright to Mohammedan savages and tell us that its all about “diversity”, “multiculturalism” in order to open the floodgates to the replacement theology of Islam?

Paul McPhun

While our Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims Australia’s boat policy saves lives, in reality it just pushes suffering offshore. For Europe to follow Australia’s boat return policy as a solution to the unprecedented human suffering and escalating death toll at sea in the Mediterranean would be both inhumane and misguided.


Mr Abbott has referred to Australia’s push back policy as “humanitarian”.  As an organisation founded on humanitarian action, we take offence. The humanitarian act is to save lives, alleviate suffering and restore some semblance of human dignity. It does not mean to build a fence between you and the population in need, so that the dying and suffering can take place elsewhere.  There is nothing remotely humanitarian about that.

At Medecins Sans Frontieres we respond directly to the consequences of war and violence primarily on women and children. Every day we see people in our hospitals and clinics having fled violence, hunger and disease, and in desperate need of emergency medical care.


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Thousands of “migrants” storm Eurotunnel’s French terminal in Calais

“Migrants” cause misery as thousands storm Eurotunnel’s French terminal in Calais

Its an invasion. Its the final jihad against a weakened, decaying, corrupt Europe. During any other time in history the army would have taken care of this. Today’s political class is so degenerated, that they look on as their country is overrun by Muslim savages.

More than 2,000 asylum seekers tore down fences – as French farmers strike and forest fires hit the south of the country, causing holiday misery for Brits. (from the Mirror)

Judge: ‘Illegal immigrants who come to Britain on lorries have no option but CRIME’

Then we have no option but shooting them on sight.  How such a dolt could ever become a judge is beyond me.

A JUDGE left his courtroom stunned after he claimed illegal immigrants arriving in Britain on the back of lorries have no option but to resort to CRIME.
Car of politician who supports refugees in Germany is blown up

Can we have such cars issued to every UK political and Police Chief, not to mention the entire employee roster for Rochdale council?

The incident comes amid increasing tensions in the area and elsewhere in Germany following a growing influx of refugees from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Brits had better start saving themselves:
Two migrants hit by trains and seven others saved from drowning
Eurotunnel said its passenger services were disrupted, with waiting times of up to an hour in both directions due to what the company described as ‘an incident on…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK