All-(ah) that ‘nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ stuff is very…. Islamic!

BS on steroids from Ali Kadri, president of Brisbane’s Holland Park mosque:

Islam is innocent of the crimes committed by Muslim terrorists in the same way Christianity is innocent of the sexual abuse by some clergy, and not all white people are Neo-Nazis.  

Andrew Bolt rips him a new one. Full article below the fold.

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The dangerous denial of Ali Kadri

Andrew Bolt

A very worrying rebuttal from Ali Kadri, president of Brisbane’s Holland Park mosque:

IN THE past few days the world watched in horror as the atrocities committed by extremists in France, Kuwait and Tunisia unfolded. Once again the majority of victims of this senseless violence were Muslims and once again a 1400-year-old religion with 1.6 billion followers was blamed for the atrocities committed by a minority.

In his opinion piece (“It’s misleading to claim attacks have nothing to do with Islam” C-M, 29/6) Andrew Bolt so easily claimed these atrocities have “everything to do with Islam”. 

False. Nowhere in my article did I say the atrocities had “everything to do with Islam”. Kadri is quoting a picture caption written by a sub-editor on the website which ran my column.

I agree with Bolt that these terrorists justify their actions on the basis of some interpretations within Islamic jurisprudence. However, to argue that the overwhelming majority of 1.6 billion Muslims live by the same interpretation is ludicrous. And the implication that the majority are silent because they embrace the notion that Islam must prevail over all other religions and so the violence is tolerable to them, is a terrible slur. 

False. In my column I specifically said: “Yes, the vast majority of Muslims hate the horrors we now see. We must never forget that and make enemies of moderates. Muslims are also the main victims …” I instead quoted scholars of Islam who suggest that moderates cannot easily criticise what terrorists do because the terrorists find their legitimisation in the Koran.

In my view, the explanation that ISIS and other terrorist groups have gained some following is not to be found within Islam but rather the geopolitical situation of the countries in which they operate.

Uh oh. And now the denial and blame shifting starts. From falsely claiming I said the terrorism has “everything” to do with Islam, Kadri now argues they have nothing to do with Islam – denying the undeniable.

And, sure enough, Kadri blames the West instead:

The recent developmental history of many of these extremists can be readily traced to Afghanistan where, after its invasion by the former USSR, the US… engaged in establishing and funding madrasses where mujahideen (those who struggle for the sake of Allah and Islam) not only received military training to take on the Soviets but schooling in interpretations of the Koran heavily biased toward battlefield struggle (jihad).  

Of course, when the Soviets left, defeated, by these CIA-trained jihadists, the once-hailed freedom fighters faced a bleak future in impoverished and war-torn Afghanistan where, much like in Iraq, in the wake of the 2003 invasion there, the body politic was destroyed leaving a power vacuum…

The March 2003 decision by the George W. Bush-led Coalition of the Willing to invade Iraq – on the now well discredited pretexts – left what remained of that country’s polity shattered and its society divided, rendering it vulnerable to infiltration by extremists still armed and spreading their perverted interpretation of the Koran..

For commentators to blithely airbrush this recent history and wash the West’s hands of any responsibility for the rise and practice of extreme interpretations of the Koran is dishonest.

This is seriously misleading. How does blaming the US explain the murderous rage of Boko Haram in Nigeria? The jihadist war in Syria? Al Shabaab’s attacks on Kenya? The rise of extremism in Yemen? The Islamist terrorist groups in Indonesia and the Philippines? Islamist attacks in China? The centuries of slaughter of Shiites by Sunnis, and vice versa?

And then false analogies:

Islam is innocent of the crimes committed by Muslim terrorists in the same way Christianity is innocent of the sexual abuse by some clergy, and not all white people are Neo-Nazis.  

Muslim terrorists quote the Koran and sacred Surah to justify their deeds and even the way they kill, as Kadri himself admits. But no pedophile priests can quote the Bible to justify their crimes. Nazis could not quote the Bible to justify their own violence, and in fact declared war on Christianity.

Kadri, I’m afraid, is in denial. That makes him part of the problem, not the solution.