Call for schools to teach a positive view of Islam while branding Australia racist

Arguing that all cultures and beliefs are equally valid ignores the fact that ours is a predominately Western culture, committed to liberal democratic institutions and Judeo-Christian values.

Imagine the howls of outrage from the secular non-believers if the Catholic Church argued that every school subject had to include a Catholic perspective and that understanding Christianity is a vital part of our state education system.

Imagine the outcry if the Church, along with a respected national curriculum body and a prestigious university, published curriculum material and held teacher workshops celebrating Christianity’s contribution to Australian society and Western civilisation.

Given that Australia’s schools, on the whole, are secular in nature and the argument that classrooms should not be used to teach a particular faith, it’s understandable why introducing religion into school subjects, for many, would be unacceptable.

Not so, when it comes to teaching Islam and introducing Muslim perspectives to the curriculum. Those responsible for the booklet Learning From One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools, sponsored by the Australian Curriculum Studies Association and The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies are happy to assert that teaching Islam should be embedded in every school subject.

Citing the Julia Gillard inspired national curriculum directive that subjects must be taught from an Asian perspective and the, supposedly, negative stereotypes presented in the media, the booklet argues that there is a “degree of prejudice and ignorance about Islam and Muslims” and Australian students must be taught to embrace difference and diversity.

The booklet’s authors also bemoan the fact that “most texts used in Australian English classes still have a Western or European perspective” and argue that providing “students with a Euro-centric version of history denies them the opportunity to evaluate different perspectives on past world events”.

Ignored is that some 64 per cent of Australians describe themselves as Christian, while those committed to Islam only make up 1.7 per cent of the population. Also ignored is that while Australia is a multicultural society, our political and legal institutions and much of our culture is Western in origin and steeped in the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral framework.

While it is understandable that the booklet presents Islam in a positive way and seeks to downplay the significance of a Western, Eurocentric view of the world, the danger is that students are given a misleading and one-sided interpretation.

While secular sceptics criticise the fact that some Christian schools teach a Biblical version of creation, the Muslim booklet stresses a faith-based approach, when it states, “The Muslim philosophy of science is based on the idea that God is the creator of everything… Science in this case is driven and inspired by divine revelation, not simply questioning or investigating everything”.

While describing the early growth of Islam and its spread throughout the Mediterranean and parts of Europe, the booklet states, “many of peoples of the newly conquered regions converted to Islam. Those who did not were allowed to live peacefully and practice their faith as long as they abided by the law of the land”.

Ignored is what some see as the inherently violent nature of the Koran, where devout Muslims are called on to carry out Jihad and to convert non-believers, and the destructive nature of what is termed dhimmis – where non-believers are forced to renounce their religion, are discriminated against and forced to accept punitive taxation laws.

While celebrating the positive contribution of Islam to subjects like mathematics, geography and the Arts, the booklet also fails to mention the widespread prevalence of slavery under Muslim rule. Years before the slave trade to the Americas, Muslim rulers along the Mediterranean coast enslaved thousands of Christians, inflicting torture and death.

As noted by the author, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, there is also the fact that women within Muslim societies do not have the same rights and freedoms as those women living in Western liberal democracies. Examples include being stoned for adultery, female circumcision, being banned from going to school and forced to wear a head to toe hijab.

Multiculturalism is based on the mistaken belief that all cultures are of equal worth and that it is unfair to discriminate and argue that some practices are wrong. The Muslim booklet adopts a multicultural approach, arguing that Australians must accept diversity and difference and that Muslims and Christians accept the same values and beliefs.

In relation to God, the booklet argues, “ Muslims believe that they worship the same God that was worshipped by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The God of the Muslims is the God of all, including Jews and Christians”.

While it is true that the three religions worship the same God, there are significant differences. Muslims, for example, do not see Jesus as divine nor accept the concept of the Holy Trinity.

As noted by Sydney’s Cardinal George Pell, “It is difficult to recognise the God of the New Testament in the God of the Koran, and two very different concepts of the human person have emerged from the Christian and Muslim understandings of God”.

The statement in the book that, “Students will come to appreciate that there are many valid worldviews and perspectives” ignores the reality that some worldviews are preferable to others and some religious and cultural practices are un-Australian.

Dr Kevin Donnelly

Promoting diversity and difference and arguing that all cultures and beliefs are equally valid ignores the fact that ours is a predominately Western culture, committed to liberal democratic institutions and Christian values.

Dr Kevin Donnelly is director of Education Standards Institute. He taught for 18 years in Melbourne government and non-government schools and is the author of Australia’s Education Revolution: How Kevin Rudd Won and Lost the Education Wars and Dumbing Down : outcomes based and politically correct – the impact of the Culture Wars on our schools.

10 thoughts on “Call for schools to teach a positive view of Islam while branding Australia racist”

  1. “degree of prejudice and ignorance about Islam and Muslims”

    Oh, I don’t know about that. I am pretty sure the Bali bombings, woke up the Australians right quick, along with 9/11 and 7/7 (to name a few.)

    Julia’s curriculum is clearly the Left in a state empowerment to make all their wet dreams come true.

    An articulated and enforced world as the Left see it; spewed into the minds of your child. An anti-Imperialist Apology tour BS, Where the Australian past, culture and are denigrated by the Left and where white men will be emasculated.

    Push back Australia! Push back!

    1. *Correction: “An anti-Imperialist Apology tour BS, Where the Australian past, culture and are denigrated by the Left and where white men will be emasculated.”

      Should read: “An anti-Imperialist Apology tour BS, Where the Australian past, culture and flag are denigrated by the Left and where white men will be emasculated.”

  2. There is only THREE Things Australian School Children require to know about isalm …
    EVERY islam is commanded to
    1. Convert to islam ALL non-islams
    2. Subjugate under islam ALL non-islams who wont convert – includes a lifetime of paying 50% tax to islam !
    3. Kill ALL non-islams who don’t convert or won’t be Subjugated !

    islam 101 !
    islam exposed !
    islam complete !


    Look at history to understand the steps taken to the isolation and removal of a foreign body from a national host.

    In order to gauge the will and sentiment of government you look for what is said and how and when it is said.

    10 years ago, 5 years ago, essentially a mention of internment camps by a senior official was unheard of. Now it has been said. Now it has been said on national television. Now it has been put into the thought processes of North Americans who have grown sick and tired of living under the threat and excremental presence of the Muslim and its Islam.

    Mark my words, it will continue to be said with greater frequency until it becomes commonplace. Once the shock value wears off and greater immunity to that shock is cultivated in the average person whose support for Muslim removal is needed, the road to M.A.I.D is virtually clear.


    Once the concept of Muslim removal becomes commonplace look for the first very basic “holding facilities” to be built.

    These will morph into bigger and certainly more complex facilities with greater capacity for handling the verminous Muslim.

    Then you can look for the legislative criminalization of Islam in any form. As this happens not only will new building permits for mosques be denied but existing mosques will be officially deconstructed. American patriots who decide to engage in a robust program of “mosque deconstruction” on their own will be ignored by local law enforcement.

    This will be coupled by a few initial plane loads of deported Muslims. That will be followed by more and more planes and then perhaps conveyances with a greater capacity like ships. Ridding ourselves of the Muslim infestation will be commonplace. It will be a daily occurrence. (It will be a dream come true)

    All of this will lead to confrontations with the verminous Muslim in areas like the Muslim infested areas of Dearborn, Michigan. In those cases, as the Muslims in those areas have, with the full knowledge and support of the local law enforcement and judicial authorities, been stock piling weapons, munitions and explosives, there will be a need for isolation of the Muslim to deprive it of essentials and then open use of lethal force.

    These are just a few of the sign posts you will see on the road to ridding civilized countries of the cancerous, murderous Islamic plague that does us such harm and distraction.

    You can help by identifying Muslims and their supporting infrastructure in your local area.

    Identity Muslim owned businesses.

    Identify Muslim associations and mosques (mosques are nothing more than Muslim para-military planning centers used for the administrative, logistical and financial support of Muslim expansionism and terrorism, this includes the storage of weapons and explosives).

    Identify local law enforcement, judiciary, law profession, media luminaries and bureaucracy in your area who are in any way sympathetic to the Muslim.

    Identification of the Muslim and its supporters includes full names, addresses, family members, places of employment, schools attended, areas of recreation, stores shopped in, vehicles driven, frequent routes traveled and any other relevant identification including photographs and numerical identification like license plate, social security and drivers license numbers.

    A part of this is the location of law enforcement facilities in relation to the Muslim residence, the mosque or place of business. (crucial to this is inclusion of local intimate knowledge of the Muslim/Traitor/Law Enforcement location with respect to major avenues of access and egress as well as highways, on/off ramps, expressways, alleyways, one-way streets and dead-ends)

    Essentially a complete profile of the Threat and those who support the Threat. Every bit helps.

    I have been part of an effort to identify the Muslim and its supporter here in Canada called “Project Identify”. We now have detailed identification on the mosques and almost 14,000 Muslims and their supporters. These are located in many towns and cities in Western Canada and range from Muslim politicians, Muslim businesses and their owners and customers and a wide range of non-Muslims who support the terrorist Muslim.This information will give a big picture and is to be released to persons on an event, case by case, as needed, basis with no warning given to the particular Muslim or or its treasonous supporter.

    (Look to Poland and several other countries including Hungary where similar organizations have been formed and are now engaged in detailed identification of the Muslim and its supporters)

    The reasons for this are quite simple.

    Once deportations begin Muslims will start to deny their affiliation with the political ideology they serve, that is to be expected as they are commanded by the Koran to disappear and lie when confronted for their crimes against humanity.

    Once deportations begin they will stop going to the mosque, stop shopping at Muslim shops, stop wearing beards, stop wearing hijabs, stop wearing skullcaps and the dishdashas. They will strip themselves of all identifying marks of a Muslim and affiliation with Islam.

    But if you have quietly identified all the verminous Muslim and its affiliates in your area then their ability to blend in and fade away will be stripped from them. They will have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. Soon you will have the legislative and lawful mechanisms you require and then doors will be kicked in and these traitors dragged kicking and screaming from their homes and loaded onto buses and trucks to begin the process that will remove them from our midst and send them back to the Islamic toilet of their choice. (Stripped of all assets and property with just their lives and a few basic possessions, a fair deal for their treason, their sedition and their subversion)

    So too, as deportations commence, will local law enforcement, judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians and members of the media begin to subtlety shift their political colors and support the deportations. YOU MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!

    It is these judges, police officers, lawyers and bureaucrats who are the most dangerous of all, for it is their treason that brought us to this point, for it is their treason that have caused us the most grievous of injuries and they must be held to account for that treason. Under no circumstances must they be allowed to disappear. They too must be prosecuted and heavily penalized for their treason and support of the enemy. (I wrote a small essay called “Traitors Among Us”, BNI might post it if you ask her)

    So, in your community, start making a list. Do not be shy of photographing a Muslim or one of its supporters. Walk up to them and take a photograph of them and their children. Stand with a notepad and write down licence plate numbers. Sit quietly in your vehicle with a cup of coffee and record the comings and goings of the Muslim in its daily life. Keep note of all members of the law profession who engage in Lawfare to support the Muslim, note exactly where these lawyers live, what kind of vehicles they drive, where they park and for how long and when. Build profiles on these traitors. Keep all of this on a small list and wait.

    Finally start to organize in your area. In the beginning it will be one or two of you but it will grow. Do not be shy about taking action against local businesses that support, in any way, the Muslim. Start to cut the Muslim off, drag it out into the daylight, identify it, isolate it, deny it all forms of support it needs, begin to cut it from your community, pursue it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year until you are rid of it. The time has come to send the Muslim home, we can no longer tolerate it in our midst.

    If we all join hands, if we all get off our knees, if we put aside our humanity for a moment, if we roll up our sleeves if we all start calling the Muslim what it really is, if we all work together, across North America, we will soon live, once again, in a peaceful country free of the cancer of Islam and its verminous vector, the Muslim. That is something worth working for.

    The time has come to get off our knees and wipe the spittle of the Muslim from our faces.

    Food for thought.

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. /*While it is true that the three religions worship the same God, there are significant differences. */

    There is only one God; Muslims worship Satan.

    When they demand that your child recite Shehada, teach him instead to recite: “By him in whose hand my soul is; I testify and bear true witness: there is no demon but Allah and Muhammad was his Profiteer.”.

    Review HRC 16/18. Converting schools into centers of Islamic indoctrination is a key point in the action plan. Its indoctrination, not education, and we have a right and duty to protest it.

    Doctrines which sanctify & mandate imperialism, genocide & terrorism are neither respectable nor tolerable and our children should not be induced to respect and tolerate them.

    Print this and get your children to read it:

    1. @Tanya,

      Yes, it is the Ying to our Yang or vice versa.

      Its shows us the depths of murderous psychopathy, sexual depravity and madness to which Man can sink to when we worship a mass murdering, child molesting, war mongering lunatic.

      It is a lesson in the roads that must never be traveled by civilized men and women.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

    2. Here is a link to a video, some 15 minutes in length that features mass executions and while the shot are going off you can hear young boys and men screaming and begging for their lives.


      After you have watched this ask yourself why we aren’t removing the Muslim from North America?

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  5. “Arguing that all cultures and beliefs are equally valid ignores the fact that ours is a predominately Western culture, committed to liberal democratic institutions and Judeo-Christian values.”

    True – and so is “.. Arguing that all cultures and beliefs are equally valid ignores the fact that by any measure islam continually produces demonstrably inferior outcomes.”

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