Christians do it tough under the Obamster regime

U.S. State Department Denies Visas for Persecuted Assyrian Christians
Although, more than 100,000 visas have already been granted to Muslims this year by, Carrie Dedrick | Christian Headlines The U.S. State Department reportedly…  SHARIAUNVEILED
After Four Months, 20 Chaldean Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Still Detained by Immigration…
After Four Months, 20 Chaldean Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Still Detained by Immigration Officials Current Affairs Refugee Resettlement: The quiet Jihad…PAMELAGELLER.COM
 Must watch:
One of the questions most often asked about the Holocaust is: why didn’t the Allies do something to stop it sooner? I imagine the time will come when we give ourselves a similar beating-up over our inertia in dealing with Islamic State. (‘So the Prime Minister wrote to the BBC urging it to call them by a different name. And that was it?!’)by  
Red Francis Calls Capitalism “Dung of the Devil” 

Jim Hoft

God, please save your Church from this ignorant lunatic.
Red Francis blasted global capitalism in his speeches this week in Latin America.

The Communist pope called capitalism the “dung of the devil.”


Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Moonbats focus on more important things:

Sh*t on the Flag Challenge

The blitzkrieg campaign has just about erased the Confederate flag from public life; now moonbats can direct their full fury on the flag they hate even more:


It’s all part of the Sh*t on Flag Challenge:


Compared to putting Obama in the White House, this desecration is actually mild. But you can be sure the moonbattery will escalate. Having the establishment on their side is not going to stop them from pushing the envelope.

Brace yourself for foul language — a social justice warrior makes the case for the Sh*t on the Flag Challenge:

Eventually they might come to regret kicking the wasps’ nest one time too many. For now, they know that any reaction will be exploited by their allies controlling the media and government to advance their shared objectives.

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One thought on “Christians do it tough under the Obamster regime”

  1. As soon as this treacherous and false Pope starts liquidating the wealth of the Vatican and starts giving it to the lowest of the low, then I will believe his sincerity that capitalism is wicked.

    Which is amusing considering all the wickedness, cruelty and murder that has occurred under Socialism and every single socialist country is shit hole, even the western countries that have been held up as brilliant examples of (blech.) successful socialism; like Sweden and Britain.

    At first the people wiping their arse with the flag was shocking, but then you look at the people being vile and you realize that better men and women have died for that flag and such childish and petulant behavior can not take away or belittle that truth.

    The best irony of all, is that if those three people who are bitching about the flag and America, were to have stayed in their country of origin they would be scrambling to break into America or Europe, in the here and now.

    Fools who have squandered their opportunities and find it easier to buy into the biggest con perpetrated by the party that has and is historically racist…the Democrat party.

    Unworthy scum bags.

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