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David Cameron must ally himself with moderate Muslims – 

There is no ‘moderate’ Islam. Why would anyone be chasing ‘moderate’ Muslims?

Those who have been involved in counter-extremism in recent years would be forgiven for thinking that there is little new in the Prime Minister’s speech today…. SPECC.IE

Now you know who rules what was once great Britain:

All new PCs in the Met Police must be able to speak second language from today
Recruits will need to speak English and one of 14 designated languages to join the country’s biggest force
Kerry: Iran Can’t Use $140 Billion Sanctions Relief to Fund Terror b/c of a UN Resolution
July 20, 2015 Daniel Greenfield Anyone who has wondered after the Iran deal whether Kerry can really be this stupid, here’s your answer. He really is this…FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Avi Lipkin: “Obama Plans To Make America A Muslim Country”

That’s no longer a secret.

Far-right conspiracy theorist Avi Lipkin has become the Religious Right’s go-to expert on Islam and President Obama’s supposed effort to bring 100 million…  DCPOLS.COM
The West’s War Against Jihadi Terrorism Is Just Beginning
“I’ll see you guys in New York.” — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, self-declared “Caliph” of ISIS. On May 23, 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama declared that the “war on…

Do you understand what this guy is saying?

 These guys are worthless:
UK is denying refuge to Christians fleeing Isil, say church leaders

Charity launches petition with backing of Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, calling on the Government to provide a safe haven for Christians…TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

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  1. How long can this game be played? All the politicians, ignorant or cunning, are propaganding this idea that the Islamic State, etc. are all reading some bizarre interpretation of the koran. Now let’s be honest here, the koran is not ambiguous. The other night I was talking to my cousin, an older liberated woman, and she mentioned at a girls lunch, the oppression of Muslim women was discussed. I told her that is from the koran verse 4:34 and read it to her. I didn’t ‘interpret’ it for her but asked her what she thought it meant, and guess what, it meant what it said. Other verses 9:5, etc. are clear as day. So who is advising Cameron with this ‘moderate’ nonesense, and why can’t Cameron see through it. Or does he even want to? There are only a few politicians who get it, Wilders being the most famous, and the rest, they live in idiot land or conniving land. Both types, idiots and connivers, are detested.

    1. He possibly sees through it, but for political and strategic reasons, pretends otherwise. This is common policy throughout the Western world, so it must have been agreed to.

      It has the advantage, and lays the ground for governments to attack the fundaments of Islam , while pretending that they are not attacking Islam itself, but only the bad interprtations. It puts Imams in a snookered position.


    You’re welcome.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


      Wrap your heads around this one.

      Two narcissistic lunatic Leftist feminist cunts (bright engaged social activist) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada engaged in a war of words with a man who dared to disagree with them. Looking for revenge these ferret-faced feminist fucktards trotted off to the local Ontario Crown Prosecutors office and managed to convince some Marxist Politically Correct Self Loathing Man Hating White Guilt Junkie to file an information against the “Ball-Bearing Brute (man)………an information of “criminal harassment was laid in order to assuage the bruised egos of the feminists.



      MAN: Gregory Alan Elliott

      Essentially, in its purest form, these narcissistic manipulative lunatic bitches, seemingly with the full cooperation of the Canadian judicial system, are using that same judicial system as a petty weapon in their little war of tweets, messages and Leftist political activism. These two psychopaths even managed to get another women to act as a 13 year old girl in order to try and frame this unfortunate bastard as a “pedophile”.

      Meanwhile, Muslims scamper around our streets slaughtering us by the truckload and an amusing assortment of colourful criminals including but not limited to pimps, drug dealers, honour killers, bank robbers, cheque-kiters, fraudsters and telemarketers run amok unchecked. The mind boggles.

      It is worth mentioning that Ontario, Canada is essentially the Lunatic Litigation capital of Canada giving birth to such litigation luminaries as “Hate-Man”, Canadian lawyer Richard Warman.

      Warman, who makes a handsome living as a Canadian National Defence house lawyer, and in his spare time “kicking cripples”, spent years online baiting persons into making supposed “hateful” comments and then trotting off to the Canadian Human Rights Commission where he would file a claim as the “hurt” person and then win the case and be awarded large sums of money. It was a cozy little money-maker until the Canadian Human Rights Commission toilet backed up and these little Leftist turds caught the light of day and the ire of decent Canadians.

      Of further interest is the fact that the “hurt feelings” section, Section 13, of the Human Rights Act was unceremoniously gutted by Canadian Parliament over 2 years ago (much to the relief of decent Canadians) . Since then, its been slim pickin’s in the “Fields of Hate” for little trolls like Richard Warman and his ilk.

      But in closing, listen to some of the sociopathic poison that these two feminist “social activists” spewed in defense of their little inquisition of someone, a male someone, who dared to disagree with them

      The mind boggles……

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      1. Paul Watson’s comment here.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada


    Listen to the story of a mother of a young man slaughtered by an Illegal….and then ask yourself a question……….who do you kill first?….the Illegal or the politician who laid the door open for the Illegal?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Care to hear insanity?……..

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

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