Jihad with stable income and pension plan….

A cluebat for the clueless:

‘….what went wrong in the case of Mr al Andalusi, who has insisted that he does not condone terrorism, is unclear…’

Read it and weep:See More

But wait: there is more, you know there’s always more:

The source said that al-Andalusi ‘despised Britain’ and talked about the right of oppressed people to take up arms against Britain. 

However, he didn’t preach full time because he liked the stable income and pension plan. .

How good is that?

A Islamic preacher who ‘despised Britain’ led a double life working within police counter-terrorism which defending extremist views and claiming non-Muslims would be ‘punished in hell’, it is claimed.

Muslim preacher who ‘despised Britain’ worked for government watchdog
Abdullah al-Andalusi, pictured, taught ISIS was ‘no different to Western Armies’ yet he worked for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary which regulates 44…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
In other news:
ISIS barbarians cut off two men’s hand and foot for ‘banditry’
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: ISIS has released yet another barbaric video in which two men are doused with red antiseptic liquid before their right hand and…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
‘Aussie drones’ following me, claims terrorist Khaled Sharrouf
NOTORIOUS Australian terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar believe they were followed by drones for weeks before Elomar was killed in a Coalition air…  HERALDSUN.COM.AU
Ramadan in Thailand: Islamic jihadists murder six, injure eleven in string of bomb and arson attacks
Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims attack Hare Krishna temple, assault devotees |BY ROBERT SPENCER
Thailand deports 109 Muslims from China who had been on their way to Turkey, Syria or Iraq to join jihad
“Many had been radicalized by materials released by the World Uygur Congress and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). The recruitment gangs had… |BY ROBERT SPENCER

14 thoughts on “Jihad with stable income and pension plan….”

  1. Don Laird

    I note that you see some positive steps that some Western governments are making, as a sign that they are beginning to understand the nature of the enemy, and the danger that they themselves have placed Western civilisation in.

    I hope you are right, but I’m not convinced quite yet.

  2. @DP111

    I despise the musical clown show of criminality and corruption that the RCMP has become over the last 3 decades.

    This said, I hope, hope piled on hope, piled on a love and respect for who they were, that they return to that nationally loved, internationally respected, admired and revered police force that they once were. And equal to that love, to that respect and to that admiration is a fear, a police force that was feared, a deep and disturbing fear amongst the criminal community. They can be this again but they must rid themselves of their corrupt and grossly incompetent leaders and eviscerate the Force of those in the rank and file who are a corrupt, criminal, arrogant, murderous and self absorbed waste of skin and oxygen. The men and women of the RCMP, the true elite who would serve for no pay, for no recognition, who would serve the RCMP and Canada because that is who they are, it is what courses through their veins, it is what they live for, it defines them to their very soul, these are the men and women who must rise and take back the Force from the arrogant, the vain, the deviant and the criminal who now control and command the RCMP.

    I want the RCMP to be utterly feared in the Muslim community to the extent that if you are a law abiding Muslim and have never, even in your wildest alcohol fueled dreams, uttered the word “Jihad” then you will have no greater friend in the world than the RCMP. But if you are an orthodox Muslim, even in the slightest, then you must know that in the RCMP you will have no greater enemy and one that will pursue you to the ends of the earth and well beyond that into the afterlife.

    Sadly, the RCMP seems to be a far cry from that. Evidence of RCMP mediocrity in that every Mosque in Canada preaches the death, destruction and annihilation of the non-Muslim and yet the RCMP has only managed the arrest of two Muslim half-wits from Vancouver Island, two Muslim morons from Montreal and one simple minded Muslim keyboard warrior from Northern BC.

    The fact is that there is a mass slaughter weeks or a few months away in Canada. I am predicting western Canada at a shopping mall or large public venue. I estimate the death toll to be in excess of 300 persons. I know I am right. I just can’t put my finger on a date.

    In spite of this the RCMP is no closer to stopping this that I am to becoming Pope. I know it, the RCMP knows it and so dos the vulgar Muslim who is planning this bloodbath.

    As for our government in Canada, Stephen Harper, solitary among all the leaders of the free world is the only politician who will speak loudly and plainly to the threat we face at the hands of the Muslim. This serves Canada well and puts Muslims on notice.

    Even within the Leftist camp in Canada’s political circles there is a palatable lack of patience for the vulgar, savage barbarity of 7th century political ideology. It seems Europe and the UK are providing a perfect example of the effects wrought from licking Muslim ass and boots. It seems we may be learning from it. Time will tell.

    In Canada we badly need an era of McCarthyism an it seems to be near.

    To Wit:

    The first Muslim is to be stripped of Canadian citizenship. This move is massive, it is profound, it is unprecedented and it will send massive shock-waves through the Muslim community.

    The Canadian Senate just recommended 25 ways the Harper government can tackle the Muslim. It seems the Senate and Harper are listening. Again, this move is massive, it is profound, it is unprecedented and it will send massive shock-waves through the Muslim community.

    The Canadian government, much to the relief of defenceless little girls and women, passed the Bill S-7, the “Zero Tolerance For Barbaric Cultural Practices Act”. Again, this move is massive, it is profound, it is unprecedented and it will send massive shock-waves through the Muslim community.

    The fact remains that the three above actions by the Canadian government are unprecedented and unparallelled in the civilized world. These actions set the example to be followed by politicians throughout the civilized world.

    These three acts of incredible bravery and courage of conviction make me very proud to be Canadian.

    Sadly the politicians and judiciary of the free and civilized world will not be inspired by the bravery of the Canadian government, instead it will be business as usual as these cowards skulk off to continue their duplicitous, treasonous and seditious collaboration with the Muslim. (May they never be forgotten for their treason and may they be held to account)

    This said there is much to be done. Far too much and we must get started.

    So yes DP111, I am buoyed, I am suffering from a renewed sense of confidence and I am looking forward to deportations of treasonous orthodox Muslims in the thousands.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    Watch the video, watch truth and courage of conviction in action.

    1. Of course, by shock waves I refer to the expected reaction from the usual suspects including this rabid, spluttering Muslim bitch, Shahina Siddiqui. This cancerous little terrorist bridles at the thought of having her terrorist cohorts arrested and tossed out of Canada. The fact is that Muslim filth like her have been put on notice and they are very, very, very nervous.


      (Hat Tip BNI)

      Why? because nowhere in the civilized world, absolutely nowhere is there a government that is putting the Muslim on notice that its violence, its savagery and its barbarism will not only not be tolerated, it will be crushed.

      So DP111, here’s to crushing Islam.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

    2. @DP111

      Here’s another example of a part of Africa running out of patience for the filthy Muslim and its Islam….


      Deportations, mass and selective are just around the corner………and the Muslim can resist, can protest and…..be shot to death by LEO’s

      I can hardly wait.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  3. Don Laird

    Thanks for the response.

    Stephen Harper has an ally in Tony Abbot of Australia. Lets hope they can convince Cameron that some necessary “spring cleaning” is required.

    As for Muslims like Shahina Siddiqui, or for that matter all Muslims, dont they have any shame or honour? They know they are the most despised immigrants in the West (they know it as Islamophobia). If I was despised in someone’s country, I would leave asap. But not Muslims. Here they are, moaning, whingeing, and pleading for more Welfare, while they themselves plot bomb and bullet against us. As they claim to follow Muhammed, it is clear that Muhammed too had no shame or honour.

    1. @DP111

      Politicians learn by looking to others in order to understand and calculate which way and how strong the political winds are blowing.

      The watershed moment for the West, in my opinion, came about 5 years ago when David Cameron stood before the Western world at a Munich security conference with Merkel, Sarkozy and others and stated that “multiculturalism” was failure and responsible for much of the woes we face. This moment was closely watched by other politicians and marked a movement toward the attack and dismantling of the Marxist weapon of “Multiculturalism”

      In the video below, while I disagree with much of what he says, Cameron is correct in saying that multiculturalism was responsible for the “weakening of Britain’s collective identity”.

      (watch the video below)

      This said however, Cameron misspeaks with his analysis of young Muslim males having no relationship with what he refers to as “their parents Islam”. In fact, as reflected by intelligence agencies throughout the Western world, it is the parents, the first generation immigrant Muslims who are moving away from orthodox Islam and its the second generation Muslim, the children, who are the orthodox, violent Jihadists. This trend in the attacks on the West by the young Muslims, this trend in the training camps in the West preparing young Muslims to travel to the Middle East for Jihad. And on and on and on it goes.

      DP111, you are pointing out the obvious in the last paragraph of your post. The reality is that the Muslim has no shame. The Muslim considers all non-Muslims to be sub-human and at the service of the Muslim at all all times and in all ways. This becomes manifest in everything from their childish pride in waiting for you to simply exercise good manners and greet them on the street first, or open a door and allow a Muslim man or woman to enter first, while this is simply common courtesy in the West, its a ridiculous example of twisted Muslim logic and thinking as they view it as you’re being deferential to them.

      Further, living on welfare is yet another example of twisted Muslim logic. For us in the West, we view a life lived as a parasite on the avails of the State to be, generally speaking, a life of shame, a temporary condition. The Muslim views it as a victory, a great luxury where its life is supported by the sub-human non-Muslim. Further, to be reviled for its laziness, sloth, violence and sexual deviancy is a great badge of honour for the Muslim, it validate their pathetic existence and legitimizes their crimes. Its madness and lunacy manifest. Its pure Islam.

      As for Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman and her willful ignorance of that which she faces and that which her community faces at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam, this is a combination of the Leftist treason and the Liberal politically correct stupidity that is responsible for our current state of affairs in the West. Unfortunately for this stupid woman the lies and myths that the Muslim has capitalized on to further its “Grand Jihad” are starting to unravel, starting to fray around the edges. I think with current events around the globe the citizens of Ft St John are less inclined to believe this mayor, this bootlicking apologist for the Muslim and its poisonous Islam.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

        1. Listen to Swiss member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger.

          Sadly this speech was given 5 years ago and little has changed since then.

          The reality is that the total removal from Western countries of every single Muslim and the eradication of every single shred and vestige of Islam, in any form, in any function, from those same countries, is the only cure for Islam.



          SUPPORT M.A.I.D


          Regards, Don Laird

        2. I was there with Geert Wilders. It was the launch of Die Freiheit, the German Freedom Party. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off.

    1. @DP111

      Listen to an Austrian politician and his condemnation of the Muslim and its handmaiden, the Marxist.

      Regards, Don Laird

  4. @SYM

    …..”I was there with Geert Wilders. It was the launch of Die Freiheit, the German Freedom Party. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off…….”

    SYM, If you were there, be careful what you let out of the bag, but if you were you’re a goddamned rock-star in my opinion!!!!!

    I am hoping, hoping against diminishing odds that are turning in my favour it seems, as the tide turns against the verminous Muslim and its poisonous Koran and Islam, that I will witness speeches like that given here in Canada as we begin deportations of that same verminous Muslim and pass legislation criminalizing the Koran as a Hate-Crime against civilized humanity and further, criminalize every last shred, every last whisper, every shard and fragment of the lunatic filth called Islam.

    All it requires is a few more months or perhaps a couple of years of the Muslim being Muslim. As every time they think they win, they lose.



    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. I will witness speeches like that given here in Canada as we begin deportations of that same verminous Muslim and pass legislation criminalizing the Koran as a Hate-Crime against civilized humanity and further, criminalize every last shred, every last whisper, every shard and fragment of the lunatic filth called Islam.

    Yes. I pray for that as well. It will be yet again “The Emperor’s clothes” moment.

    1. @DP111,

      Well DP111, we are closer to that day than many of us would believe. When you consider the level of ignorance of the average Westerner on matters Islamic in nature of only a few years ago and compare that with the familiarity now seen in non-Muslim groups with the lunacy of the Muslim and its Islam, its quite remarkable.

      We are now discussing matters like the stripping of citizenship and deportation on a national level. That was unheard of even 3 to 4 years ago.

      The average man and woman is now starting to bridle and vigorously object to the failures of the Marxist Mass Media and the Marxist Liberal politicians dismissal of Muslim madness as “cultural diversity”. Bit by bit, person by person the Muslim is losing any friends they ever had, the ground they stood on in Canada has vanished and all that remains is very thin ice.

      We need the Muslim to be a Muslim here in Canada and it is doing so willingly and often. They are cutting their own throats.

      I couldn’t be happier.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

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