Not for the first time: Muslim Mob Chase Cops Through Londonistan

The religion of peace in London today! Must be a lone wolf!

Muslim Mob Chase Cops Through London
Breaking NewsThe Homefront ‘Let Jihadis go to Syria… just never let them back’, says war veteran Simon Weston A. Stone, Jul 12, 2015 War veteran Simon Weston has urged the government to let homegrown Jihadis go to Syria … THISISENGLAND.ORG.UK
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Australia: Muselmaniacs get special Ramadan concessions
Men Two notorious Koranimals guilty of using fake names to fly across country have bail changed to attend Ramadan prayers

They could just as well curse the infidels in jail. The idiot judge who made this concession obviously doesn’t know that Mohammedans curse us unbelievers 17 times a day in their so-called prayers.

TWO men charged with using fake names to travel across the country have had their bail conditions changed so they can attend Ramadan prayers.–MOBILE.NEWS.COM.AU
Radical headbanger connected to the terror group which masterminded the Tunisia terror attack is living off £50,000 a year in benefits in a taxpayer-funded £1million house.
Cleric said to be behind Tunisian beach massacre is living in benefits in Britain
Hani-al-Sibai, described as a ‘key influencer’ of Tunisian terror group, lives in a £1 million house leafy street in fashionable west London–TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

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  1. British response? They put Tommy Robinson back into prison!.

    Tommy Robinson ‏@TRobinsonNewEra 19h19 hours ago
    This will be the last message on Twitter for a while. Tommy has been recalled to Prison, HMP Peterborough. We aren’t sure yet for how long

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